DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "
DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "
DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "
DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "
Article Number600.752.95

Product details

Complete set with hardware and curtain wire; ready to mount to wall or ceiling.Fixture with adjustable angle for more flexible use.Can be easily cut to the desired length.Suitable for bathrooms as well.Includes: 1 curtain wire and 2 fixtures.For stability you need to use extra support fixtures for curtain wires longer than 55". Up to 110", 1 extra fitting; up to 165", 2 extra fittings, up to 197", 3 extra fittings.Different wall/ceiling materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the wall/ceiling in your home (not included).Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Stainless steel
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • DIGNITETCurtain wireArticle Number:600.752.95
    Width: 7 "Height: ¾ "Length: 7 "Weight: 10 ozPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsDIGNITET Curtain wire600.752.95

Product size

196 ¾ "
Max. load: 
11 lb


Great quality easy and funJOHNGreat quality easy and fun to work with and they look great when finished 💕👍5
works wellMalindabought this to wrangle our VR system cords from above. super strong, no issues.4
Poorly executed in every waywordproblemsInfuriating installation Excessive invasiveness to wall materials Abysmally poor documentation Even after the tree trips to the hardware store and three trips to Ikea to add more middle pieces and replace the wire which unravels with a slight touch... I am left with what I envisioned, very modern and cool, but I am also left with 12 giant holes in my precious 1942 plaster. And in the end, it sags if your curtain isn't paper light, no matter what you do. It looks great until something is on it. The installation could have been so much easier if Ikea took steps to simplify things like needing a little hex wrench. The documentation is so poor relative to the install requirements, I'm at a loss for words. It's a very expensive look. $120 in so far and that doesn't count the plaster repair work when it comes down. I do love the look, I hope it's worth it.2
ChrapMPonchNot sturdy. Took me forever.2
This is my go to solutionPortland BirchI have used this curtain solution multiple times. Most apartments I have lived in every house I’ve owned. Clean lines, easy to install, great price point.5
DiamondoutfitsVery hard to build it the product3
Easy to install!Effie319Love how discreet these are and how easy they were to install! Perfect for a difficult area that doesn't have room for a full curtain rod.5
JohnNoahLove it for what I needed5
Just what I neededIkeaclastFlexible item that works well in odd spaces. Improved design and better instructions since I last used Dignitet 15+ years ago. Like the little plastic bits at the end of the wire and the tightening tool.4
Karenann007This is a great product. I used it in my RV. Loved it for hanging curtains for bunks.5
Great idea for a long curtainLonnie51Was looking at curtain rods in the store when a customer suggested these. Could not be more pleased5
cool lookcher19Really cool minimalist look. Not the easiest to put up. But that is typical of IKEA products. Be aware, you need to cut the wire to the proper size. So you may not be able to re-use it if you move. Also, it requires a good wire cutter to assemble. I might opt for a standard curtain rod next time though. I rent so will likely need to leave it.4
LoveAdelaida7The only bad I had trouble with make sure you have really good wire cutter will not cut nice.5
Not easy to install!!!Jack_KCKeep in mind when purchasing this item that you will be tightening it and that pulls on whatever you fasten it to. I had to reinforce where I attached it, because as I tightened the wire, it would pull out the brackets. You should plan on attaching the brackets to wood or metal. Particleboard and dry wall do not work.2
Great for my basementJobemgskiSo far so good for item i bought4
Great product!Jv7596I bought this hang my children’s artwork. It was easy to install and is really sturdy! I also bought the clips and they are great and easy to hang up. I would buy this again!5
Nice, hard to cut wireKjM79I like the look of this hanging system. It took me 4 different wire cutters to trim the wire to length. The wire ended up a little short and therefore not as tight as I wanted. Now that I know which cutters to use I might purchase a second hanging system. I did not know that the extra piece for the middle existed until I got home and searched for a video to install.4
Awesome!KeffsunI bought this for our camper to section off the bedroom area. It is perfect! Sturdy and easy to hang.5
ikeahoundI wanted to hang a room divider curtain so I purchased a few of these, brought them home and opened the package only to find I needed a 3rd piece. Why isn't this middle piece mentioned anywhere ON the package so you know you'll need it before you get home and open the package? It's only mentioned in the instruction booklet once you open the package and I don't have my own car to go back to Ikea to get.1
No Doors? No problem!SuzInPhillyWe live in an old house that doesn't have doors. People in Philly will be familiar with this type of little row house. Installing a wall/door would make the remaining room too tiny. The DIGNITET curtain wire allows for a curtain to provide privacy without sacrificing space while adapting to an awkward space. The teenager is pleased (impossible goal met!)5

Function solution

Don't get cornered

The hinges on DIGNITET curtain wire fixtures let you angle the wire in different directions. And by adding one or more corner pieces you can easily adapt DIGNITET to your space and needs.


Ready for a shower

All parts in the DIGNITET wire system are made of stainless steel, which means that you can use them outdoors and in the bathroom. You can put a screen around your balcony or bathtub and keep the morning shower or the evening breeze on the right side of the curtain!

Curtain wire, stainless steel197 "

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DIGNITET Curtain wire, stainless steel, 197 "