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Bookcase & cabinet lighting

Bookcase lighting puts books and personal treasures in focus. Whether under shelves or on top, integrated bookcase lights can enhance a room’s atmosphere, highlight your favorite things and, of course, help you find the book you want. Ours use energy-saving LED and are easy to install, too!

Shine a light on what inspires you with bookshelf lighting

Whether you’re looking to light the way for young minds in the family or you’d just like to put your favorite books on display, bookcase lighting creates stunning ambience while calling attention to elegant bookshelves and the treasures they hold. Light bookshelves from the top or bottom with integrated bookcase lights using energy-efficient LED lights with a soft, pleasant glow. Thankfully, the same accent lighting that you choose for your bookcase can also light up other storage options throughout the house.

Cabinet lighting

Choose functionality that comes with your sense of style by adding the right lightfixtures for cabinets in any room.

Above cabinet lighting

Let striking steel and nickel-plated necks and shades crane outward over shelving or wardrobes to clearly illuminate what’s inside with efficient LED lights. There are options with glass shades as well as overhanging cabinet or picture lights with elongated heads that have the cool, stylized look of a glowing hammerhead shark.

LED under cabinet lighting

Keep kitchen countertops or study spaces well lit with lights that are easy to install under cabinets. As with other types of cabinet lights, they are dimmable via remote control. Conveniently connect one countertop or LED under cabinet light to another by using the two small connection fixtures in the package.

Medicine cabinet lighting

Easily find what you need with LED strip lights housed in polyurethane that are suitable for use in confined spaces due to the low heat emitted by their energy efficient LED light source. These light strips are flexible and dimmable. Available in single or multi-color.

Shelf lighting

Select energy efficient LED shelf lighting or LED under shelf lighting that illuminates cherished items like little league trophies or the wedding China that comes out for special occasions. Position lights to hang over your shelves or provide another type of curated look by lining them with flexible LED light strips.

Things to know before lighting your bookcase, shelf or cabinet

Besides getting out the tape measure, consider whether your want to go vertical or horizontal with light strips or other light fixtures. Do you want a soft, backlit effect, concentrated, crisp illumination or simply just delicate accent lighting? LED light strips can be placed with adhesives while light fixtures are mounted with their housing units. Meanwhile any power chords, connection chords, LED drivers or USB chargers can be stored conveniently out of sight.