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Congratulations to the U.S. winner of the IKEA Family Soft Toy Drawing Competition!

Dodo bird soft toy
Dodo bird soft toy

Meet Dodo Bird!

Here is what IKEA Family Soft Toy Drawing Competition winner Nick, age 11, has to say about his design:

Why have you decided to draw this design?

"I wanted to draw him so I could show him to my parents. I made him goofy looking and I wanted to draw something that was sort of prehistoric. So then I ended up drawing a goofy Dodo Bird with his tongue sticking out because he’s a Dodo and they’re not very smart." 

What would you like to tell the children that will play with it?

"Play with him as much as you want any way you want and use your imagination."

Meet Dodo Bird, and the other winners of the 2021 SAGOSKATT collection arriving this Fall to an IKEA store near you!

The IKEA Family Soft Toy Drawing Competition is open to IKEA Family members. Not an IKEA Family member yet? Join today to participate and enjoy all the benefits!