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College Dorm Furniture

Bring your college apartment or dorm room to life with unique and affordable dorm room furnishings. The types of furniture in a dorm room are dependent on the size of the room and what is included in it. Does your dorm have beds that are lofted? If yes, it is possible that you have enough room for a dorm futon for friends to crash on. Find chairs, bedside tables and more for your dorm room or college apartment at IKEA. Or go simple and give your dorm room some life with an area rug.

Create a space your friends will want to hang in

How you use the space you have is just as important as the college dorm room furniture you select. Be creative with using different types of furniture to make any size dorm room a welcome space for friends. Use small dorm futons to provide a cozy space to sit with friends along a tight stretch of wall. Fill out seating for small gatherings by placing dorm chairs in the space under a bunk bed or next to a standard bed. Place popcorn or drinks during movie nights on a bedside table that can also hold plants or Bluetooth speakers. Perhaps make a sofa bed part of your college bedroom furniture. In an apartment, use a sleeper sofa as a couch when hanging with friends before pulling out the bed when it’s time to go to sleep.   

College furniture that will graduate with you

When affordability goes hand in hand with durable materials, you get furniture for college that is designed to last and remain with you post-college. From durable fabrics to hearty wood and sturdy plastics, find dorm furniture that’s a minor investment that can continue to pay off for years to come. And with buy back and resell options, there’s the option to upgrade on your furniture once you move into a bigger space later on in your college life or after you graduate.   

Frequently asked questions for dorm room furniture

What furniture typically comes in a dorm?

Most college dorm rooms come with a twin XL dorm bed, a desk, dorm room chair and some closet storage space.

What furniture do you need for a dorm room?

When your study, sleeping and social spaces are all in the same room, plan accordingly. Add a dorm bedside table that can hold snacks and a Bluetooth speaker when friends are over. Make room for extra seating in tight spaces with a futon, foldable chairs or stackable stools. Make use of wall spaces to store and display personal belongings with bookshelves and storage racks.

How to arrange my dorm room furniture?

Think of seating arrangements when positioning furniture in your dorm room. Create a seating circle with the edge of your bed, the dorm chair at your desk and a futon, stools or chairs.

Does IKEA sell used furniture?

Yes, IKEA sells secondhand furniture that makes it easier and more affordable to live sustainably while getting all your dorm furniture needs. For more information, visit our buyback resell page.