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A guide for you

Curtain sewing service

A minimum of one week is required to complete the sewing. We will advise you on the exact delivery date when you submit the order.

We offer full order (make curtains from your favourite IKEA fabric) or semi order (alter ready-made IKEA curtains).

Choose your favourite from five curtain styles:
1. Curtains with tabs
2. Curtains with hidden loops
3. Curtains with gathering tape
4. Curtains with eyelets
5. Curtains with slotted hanging

Knowing the right measurements for your window is important when creating window solutions. The following five measurements will make it easier for you to create the solution that you need.

1. Measure the height of your window frame. Add 10 cm on the top to get the right position of your curtain rod, rail or blind.

2. Measure the width of your window. Add at least 10 cm. on each side to get the right width of your curtain rod or rail. To pull your curtains or panel curtains back further, add more.

3. Measure the inner width of your window frame when mounting blinds inside the frame. This is to make sure the blinds cover the complete window.

4. Measure the inner height of your window frame to know what length you’ll need on your blinds.

5. Measure the height of the wall if you want a floor-to-ceiling window treatment. Subtract 5-10 cm. from the actual height to give space for the curtain rod or rail.
Fill in the measurement guide and bring it to Textile department at the IKEA store. Our co worker will help you get the right fabric for your curtain.

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