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Hooks & hanger hooks

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best and you can't get much simpler than bathroom coat hooks. We have a large range including double and multi hooks in different styles and materials. We even have hooks that go over the top of your door so you don't have to drill any holes in the wall.

Do you dream of clutter-free floors?

Enjoy an opportunity to flaunt your personal style? With the right wall hooks, you can achieve two in one. Get your clothes, bathrobes and towels off the floor and out of stuffed drawers or cupboards with our wide selection of hooks and hangers.

Pick and choose the coat hooks and wall hangers that fit your needs. You’ll find playful hooks that can bring a splash of colour to a children’s room, or maybe add a bit of fun to a hallway or bathroom wall. If you prefer modern and shiny, you’ll find a selection of hooks with clean cuts and lines. We also have round and classical hooks, single hooks or rows of wall hooks – basically any kind of hooks you could ever want or need.

You also have a choice of materials – wood, plastic or metal – which come in a variety of sizes to match every taste and need.

The right hooks for the right place

Depending on what you want to hang, and where, different hooks will do the trick. Our wall hooks can be hung in different ways. Some are in fixed rows while others are hung separately so that you can choose exactly how you want to hang them. Some bigger hooks are useful for hanging heavier garments while smaller hooks can be used for hand towels or dish cloths.

Remember that most hooks need to be screwed into the wall, which means you’ll need to drill holes. If this is something you’d rather avoid, we also have some hooks with suction cups that can be hung without making a mark on the wall – very practical for bathrooms and kitchens with tiles.

If you want hanging hooks but don’t want to drill holes or reduce your option to suction cups, try one of our over-door hanging hooks. However, make sure to measure the thickness of your door and compare it with the measurements in the product descriptions of our over-door hangers so as to find a model that fits.