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Wall shelves & organisation

Don’t know what to do with hand towels, pot holders, and oven gloves? Think vertical and start using your walls to free up space and keep your home a bit tidier or hang wall clocks. Wall storage and wall organization is something we truly believe in at IKEA, and we make sure that you can customize it after your needs.

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More optionsBERGSHULT / KROKSHULT Wall shelf 120x20 cm

BERGSHULT / KROKSHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/anthracite, 80x20 cmBERGSHULT / KROKSHULT Wall shelf, white/anthracite, 80x20 cmBERGSHULT / KROKSHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/anthracite, 120x20 cm

More optionsEKET Wall-mounted shelving unit w 4 comp 70x35x70 cm

EKET Wall-mounted shelving unit w 4 comp, dark grey, 70x35x70 cm

More optionsEKET Wall-mounted storage combination 105x35x70 cm

EKET Wall-mounted storage combination, white stained oak effect/white, 105x35x70 cmEKET Wall-mounted storage combination, light grey/white, 105x35x70 cmEKET Wall-mounted storage combination, grey-turquoise/white, 105x35x70 cm

More optionsBOAXEL Laundry combination 82x40x201 cm

BOAXEL Laundry combination, white/metal, 82x40x201 cm

More optionsEKET Wall-mounted shelving unit 70x35x70 cm

EKET Wall-mounted shelving unit, dark grey, 70x35x70 cm

More optionsKALLAX Shelving unit 77x77 cm

KALLAX Shelving unit, white stained oak effect, 77x77 cmKALLAX Shelving unit, black-brown, 77x77 cmKALLAX Shelving unit, high-gloss white, 77x77 cm

More optionsTRANHULT Shelf 80x20 cm

TRANHULT Shelf, white stained aspen, 80x20 cm

More optionsBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf combination 120x30 cm

BERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf combination, brown-black/white, 120x30 cm
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A new hallway hero to hold your coat

Welcome home! Let a TJUSIG hook rack greet you at the front door, or wherever you have a surplus of garments on the loose. It works equally well alone, in pairs – or why not several in a row? Contrast against a different wall colour, and its decorative, almost sculptural features come across even better.

See the TJUSIG series
A hallway with garments on TJUSIG vertical hook racks, notes on VATTENKAR wall storage units, and shoes on PINNIG benches.
    A leather cap hangs on a hook of a wall-mounted TJUSIG birch vertical hook rack, designed as a stylised tree branch.
      See the TJUSIG series

      Create tailor-made tidiness with pegboards

      SKÅDIS pegboards offer accessible, playful and flexible storage. Used free-standing, they also work great as desk dividers and privacy screens. Inserts, hooks and containers make them super adjustable to your needs. Add a little tenderness, and they easily pass as wall-mounted decoration, too.

      See the SKÅDIS series
      Part of a sunlit BEKANT sit-stand desk with a NÄVLINGE LED work lamp and accessories on a standing white SKÅDIS pegboard.
        Miscellaneous gardening accessories arranged on black SKÅDIS pegboards, wall-mounted over a worktop with potted plants.
        On the side of a large, tall storage unit hang two white SKÅDIS pegboards, holding photographs, trinkets and accessories.
        A patchwork of wall-mounted white SKÅDIS pegboards fitted with white SKÅDIS shelves, filled with origami objects.
        Children’s school accessories arranged on side-by-side SKÅDIS wood pegboards, above garments hung on HÖVOLM six-knob racks.
        See the SKÅDIS series