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Wall shelves & organisation

Don’t know what to do with hand towels, pot holders, and oven gloves? Think vertical and start using your walls to free up space and keep your home a bit tidier or hang wall clocks. Wall storage and wall organization is something we truly believe in at IKEA, and we make sure that you can customize it after your needs.

Create an inspirational mood board

Use pegboards and hooks to create a place where ideas can hang out. A spot to test the water, lift the mood, and keep everyday items in sight and close to hand.

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Five SKÅDIS pegboards placed on a wall. These are filled with photos, frames and materials to create an inspiring mood board.
Side-by-side, wall-mounted black SKÅDIS pegboards with pieces of fabric and other decorative items attached to them.
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A PLUGGLAND door hanger and bag with clothes. A LÄRBRO mirror hangs on the wall with SKOGSVIKEN hooks underneath.

Healthy habits start at school

Inspire kids to get involved with everyday tasks like packing rucksacks, hanging clothes and keeping things tidy. This is learning they’ll have for life, and we can help!

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