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Fancy a wall-to-wall library or do you like to mix your TV or family photos with your books? Either way, our multi-tasking bookshelves make great homes for everything you like having around you. Are you looking for a white or an oak bookcase? No matter what, we have styles and sizes for every taste.

Complement your bookshelves with Wall shelves & organisers, Storage boxes & baskets and Floor lamps.

Add atmosphere to your space with Bookcase lighting.
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More optionsBILLY Bookcase with panel/glass doors 80x30x202 cm

BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with panel/glass doors, black oak effect, 80x30x202 cmBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with panel/glass doors, birch effect, 80x30x202 cmBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with panel/glass doors, oak effect, 80x30x202 cm

More optionsBILLY Bookcase with doors 80x30x106 cm

BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors, birch effect, 80x30x106 cmBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors, oak effect, 80x30x106 cmBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors, black oak effect, 80x30x106 cm

More optionsBILLY Bookcase w doors/extension unit 80x30x237 cm

BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase w doors/extension unit, birch effect, 80x30x237 cmBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase w doors/extension unit, oak effect, 80x30x237 cmBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase w doors/extension unit, black oak effect, 80x30x237 cm

More optionsBESTÅ Storage combination with doors 120x42x202 cm

BESTÅ Storage combination with doors, white stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp white stained oak effect, 120x42x202 cmBESTÅ Storage combination with doors, white/Lappviken/Stubbarp white, 120x42x202 cm

More optionsBILLY Bookcase corner comb w ext units 136/136x28x237 cm

BILLY Bookcase corner comb w ext units, birch effect, 136/136x28x237 cmBILLY Bookcase corner comb w ext units, oak effect, 136/136x28x237 cmBILLY Bookcase corner comb w ext units, black oak effect, 136/136x28x237 cm

More optionsBRIMNES Bookcase 60x190 cm

BRIMNES Bookcase, black, 60x190 cm

More optionsBESTÅ Cabinet unit 60x40x202 cm

BESTÅ Cabinet unit, white stained oak effect, 60x40x202 cmBESTÅ Cabinet unit, dark grey, 60x40x202 cmBESTÅ Cabinet unit, white, 60x40x202 cm

More optionsBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with door 40x30x106 cm

BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with door, oak effect, 40x30x106 cmBILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with door, black oak effect, 40x30x106 cmBILLY Bookcase with door, white, 40x30x106 cm
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A bookcase or bookshelf is an essential piece of furniture in almost every home. If it's not for a home library, it can be a home for your children's toys. And if it's not toys, you can use it for important papers and folders in a home office. The options are endless. 

Our selection of bookcases come in many different shapes and sizes. Choose between wide, high standing, narrow and low bookcases, in colours such as red, white, black, grey and different shades of oak.  

Hide or display your belongings

Depending on what you want to store, consider whether you need a bookcase with doors and drawers or open shelves.

An open solution is perfect to keep your books and photos on display or to decorate with houseplants. But what about the clutter you want to keep out of sight? A messy kid's room can quickly be organised using a bookcase with doors. Or, if you have an open bookcase, you can tidy up by adding storage boxes and baskets or other inserts.

With a storage-and-display solution you, get the best out of both worlds. Hide the clutter inside the cabinet and display your favourite belongings in the open section. By choosing glass doors in the open section, you can place things you want to both display and protect. It could be your favourite porcelain or glasses that only are used on special occasions.  

Bookcases for every inch of your home

For every room, there’s a bookcase, and for every bookcase there's a room. We offer a wide selection of models that can be placed anywhere in your home. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right one for you.

A  sideboard has plenty of space to store things and a surface to create an attractive display. Place it in the hallway, under the window or use it to unload serving dishes next to your dining table.

A corner shelving unit is a great option if you want to build a home library while making maximum use of the room surface area.

A bookcase doesn’t necessarily have to be placed along the wall of a room. It can also be used as a room divider if placed in the middle, with the short side against the wall. This is a great way to create some room for a small workspace or home office.

Different walls require different fixing devices

Several of our bookcases and shelves are wall mounted. Remember that different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. See our wall anchoring guide to learn more about how to safely fix bookcases to walls in your home.