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VARMBLIXT LED table/wall lamp, orange glass/round,

Price RM 199

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When the light passes through the lamp’s orange glass, the soft donut-like shape shines with a warm glow. A magical sight that’s an eye-catcher, regardless if it’s on a table or hanging on a wall.

Article number205.251.44

Product details

Creates a soft, cosy mood light in your home.

Table lamp or wall lamp – you can decide since the lamp can also be mounted on the wall.

You never have to change a light bulb as this lamp has LED light sources built right into it.

Using LED as a light source means that it not only lasts 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb, but consumes up to 85% less energy.


Sabine Marcelis


Cord length: 2.0 m

Height: 11 cm

Diameter: 30 cm

Luminous flux: 85 lm

Power: 1.5 W

Estimated lifetime: 25000 hr


Ikea Varmblixt reviewMohamadI call ikea tebrau to inquire about the light, where they said it only have 5 left. So I quickly bought online. The postage very fast and I'm very satisfied for the product.5
VARMBLIXTClickI LOVE THIS LAMP! I think this will be one of Ikea's signature pieces and become timeless. I hope IKEA would bring back more of vintage ikea furnitures like enetri and jarpen table. come on ikea u can do it!5

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“Having access to light is important for all of our everyday activities, and light can even change the atmosphere in our homes, be beautiful and surprising. The LED table/wall lamp that I created for the VARMBLIXT collection is a great example. When the light passes through the orange glass, it makes the soft donut-like shape shine with a warm glow. A magical sight that catches the eye – regardless if it’s on a table or hanging on a wall.”

Designer Sabine Marcelis