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How to shop online

Online shopping made easy at
Follow our 3-step process of having furniture delivered to your home:

Shop online
Shop online
Shop online

Whatever you want, whenever you want.

Looking for a more comfortable sofa? Perhaps an extra bed for visiting guests, or a larger dining table to entertain the family? Rest assured, we've got solutions for your every need in every room.

Let our range inspire you. Browse over 9000+ products by lifting nothing so much as a finger, and don't forget to click "Buy Online" to add any chosen item to your cart.


Make the most of a cart that you won't end up having to push!

Finalise quantities and the items you intend on purchasing - making sure not to forget any final decorative touches to your home.

We’ll ensure the availability of our stock before walking you through our various options for delivery and product assembly.


Wait! – but you won’t have to for long. Your order has been registered and is well on its way.

We'll keep you posted as to the status of your delivery with a notifcation e-mail and tracking number.

Once you've received your delivery, all that's left to do is to enjoy!

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It's okay to change your mind

We understand that you need some time on your decision, so we provide you with 365 days return policy. Make sure you keep your receipts to proceed your refunds.

Call or email

Call or email

You can call us at 03 7952 7575 or email us at



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