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IKEA Malaysia is turning 25!​

It’s our birthday! We’re celebrating with local artist collaborations, a special 25% discount with 25% of the sale proceeds going to the charity and also, a design contest where you can win a share of RM25,000. Join us from 16 - 27 Sept for the celebration!

Meet Our Artists​

Malaysia’s rich ethnic tapestry is made up of many different cultures. The ‘MY IKEA’ logo is created with 2 meanings where MY representing Malaysia and MY favourite home furnishing brand. To commemorate 25 years as one of Malaysia’s favourite stores, we partnered with two talented local artists –Fritilldea and Asyikin Abdullah – to celebrate our heritage through colour and creativity.

Fritilldea is an up-and-coming street artist and illustrator who is already making his mark within the heart of KL. His abstract, joyful style speaks to his optimism for his home, and his vibrant design for IKEA MY reflects Malaysia’s harmonious culture and diversity. Fritilldea’s “MY” emblem marries both the beauty of the Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo, two halves of what makes Malaysia. Not to miss out his signature staircase design which leads to different possibilities in life. Bunga Raya, Bunya Kertas, Orchids, Yellow Alamanda, Kantan Flower, Rafflesia, Periuk Kera and Pagoda flowers are among the flowers beautifully woven together in a Batik element.

Asyikin Abdullah is an emerging mural artist and illustrator who is leading the way for local female artists. Her design for IKEA MY celebrates both Malaysian and Swedish heritage, weaving together traditional wood carving, the red toned batik pattern from Malaysia and blues, deep greens and yellow from Scandinavian tapestry. Her emblem also features the Malaysian hornbill and local flowers like Bunga Raya & Rafflesia designed with the Scandinavian folk art style.

Enjoy 25% off selected products.

Plus 25% of the sale proceeds will go to charity.

So you can give even when you receive!​

*SALE prices are shown with a slashed normal price along with a red offer tag on the website from 16th - 27th September 2021.

MY IKEA Design Contest

Time to design and shine! ​​

Get inspired by Fritilldea & Asyikin Abdullah’s designs celebrating Malaysia’s unique heritage and then create your own version of the “MY IKEA” logo.

Break out the pens and pencils, let your imagination run wild and stand a chance to win a share of RM25,000 in gift cards.

A total of 100 winners will be selected and each winner will receive a RM250 IKEA gift card. Get your entry to us by 27 Sept! ​

How to Participate?

Step 1:

Download the design template Here.

Step 2:

Take your time to create your own beautiful artwork.

Submit your artwork via email with these particulars by 27 September 2021.

Step 3:

Submission email:

Include these particulars in the submission.

Contact number:
Email Address:
Which IKEA store do you usually visit?
Tell us about your design:

Here is the preview of some of the submissions.

The MY IKEA Design Contest is still on-going. Don’t forget to submit your entry by 27th September and stand a chance to win a share of RM25,000 in gift cards!

Click here to view the full submissions.