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IKEA celebrates 25 years in Malaysia!

Marking a milestone by giving back to the community and commemorating Malaysia’s unique tapestry by collaborating with local artists

Meet Our Artists​

Malaysia’s rich ethnic tapestry is made up of many different cultures. The ‘MY IKEA’ logo is created with 2 meanings where MY representing Malaysia and MY favourite home furnishing brand. To commemorate 25 years as one of Malaysia’s favourite stores, we partnered with two talented local artists –Fritilldea and Asyikin Abdullah – to celebrate our heritage through colour and creativity.

Fritilldea is an up-and-coming street artist and illustrator who is already making his mark within the heart of KL. His abstract, joyful style speaks to his optimism for his home, and his vibrant design for IKEA MY reflects Malaysia’s harmonious culture and diversity.  Fritilldea’s “MY” emblem marries both the beauty of the Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo, two halves of what makes Malaysia. Not to miss out his signature staircase design which leads to different possibilities in life.  Bunga Raya, Bunya Kertas, Orchids, Yellow Alamanda, Kantan Flower, Rafflesia, Periuk Kera and Pagoda flowers are among the flowers beautifully woven together in a Batik element.

Asyikin Abdullah is an emerging mural artist and illustrator who is leading the way for local female artists. Her design for IKEA MY celebrates both Malaysian and Swedish heritage, weaving together traditional wood carving, the red toned batik pattern from Malaysia and blues, deep greens and yellow from Scandinavian tapestry. Her emblem also features the Malaysian hornbill and local flowers like Bunga Raya & Rafflesia designed with the Scandinavian folk art style.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Click on the banner to check out the winners list and their stunning designs.

Together with Fritilldea and Asyikin Abdullah, we have selected the top 100 designs which greatly orchestrated the unique Malaysian heritage and cultures. Each winner will be receiving a RM250 IKEA gift card, you will be contacted soon for prize collection. We have received over 1,500 entries throughout the contest period. A big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success!

Click here to view all the entries

Shop for good! 25% give back 

To thank Malaysians for their continuous support over the past 25 years, from 16 – 27 September, IKEA offered 25% off selected products. We received an encouraging response and now, 25% of sale proceeds (up to RM100,000) will be channeled to charities and associations in need. 

Proceeds will be used to help with the learning and teaching of children, driving greater awareness of mental health and supporting disadvantaged groups, among others. Beneficiaries for the 25% give back include: 

Teach For Malaysia
Teach For Malaysia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation on a mission to provide all children in Malaysia the opportunity to attain an excellent education. It believes that a child’s education and future should not be determined by their circumstances in life – so they recruit Malaysia’s rising generation of leaders to be part of the solution to the challenges faced by our communities today. 

Malaysian Mental Health Association 
The Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) is a non-profit organisation established in 1968, with the vision to build a nation that values mental wellbeing, where people with mental health conditions are supported and live fulfilling lives, free from stigma and discrimination. MMHA is dedicated to promote mental wellbeing and support people with mental health conditions and their caregivers through service provision, advocacy, education, training, and research. Since the establishment of MMHA's psychological support services - The Mind Hub in 2019, approximately 2,000 clients have benefitted from 5,000 sessions of psychological therapy to date.

Women Of Will
Women Of Will (WOW) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It is established to transform the lives of disadvantaged women and their communities through micro credit financing combined with Entrepreneurship Development Programmes. Disadvantaged women are classified as single mothers, widows, abandoned women and women with incapacitated husbands living in poverty and uncertainty. Supporting both international and national objectives in eradicating poverty, WOW’s work supports four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) namely No Poverty; Gender Equality; Decent Work and Economic Growth; and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

SUKA Society
SUKA Society or Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-kanak Malaysia (SUKA) is a non-governmental organisation set up to protect and to preserve the best interests of children. Our work among marginalised and vulnerable children focuses on restoring trafficked women and children through our therapeutic program, providing community placement and case management for unaccompanied and separated children and creating greater access to education for Orang Asli children through our empowered2teach programme.