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Even Lower Price

Lower prices. Same great quality. Even lower prices at IKEA.

Lower prices. Same great quality. What’s the secret?

It’s simple. We keep costs down by producing in high volumes with smarter design and flat packaging. That way, we can continue to offer affordable products without having to compromise on quality. 

Browse even lower priced products:

Living Room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Dining Room | Children's Room | Lighting & Decoration | Bathroom & Laundry Room  | Outdoor & Storage organisation|  See all even lower prices

Living Room

The living room is the soul of the house, the essence of a cosy abode. A place for the family to spend time with, to host guests and to unwind after a long day. Pick furniture pieces that could fit everyone and provide comfort.


Create your personal slumber wonderland with our beds, soft duvets, smart lighting and curtains. Quality sleep to start off your day right, a restful night to end your day with.


Pans, pots and boxes…find a variety of handy kitchen items for easier meal preparation and keeping things organised.

Dining Room

Meals, family gatherings and dinner parties...there is so much your dining room can do. Explore our range of dining furniture and dinnerware for better mealtimes.

Children's Room

Your little ones deserve a place for sleep, play and slumber. What’s better than a bedroom with functional furniture that combines funky designs and vibrant colours?

Lighting & Decoration

Good lighting lets you focus better on what you are doing and helps to create the ideal atmosphere for any occasion.

Bathroom & Laundry Room

Cleaning routines made easier without the need for power tools — pick from a wide range of accessories and furniture for the bathroom and laundry room.

Outdoor & Storage organisation

Transform your balcony into a green oasis to bring in some fresh air and serenity into your house. Unwind in your little garden as a temporary respite from your daily lives.

Find a variety of home furniture at lower prices with the same great quality at IKEA. Wonder how we keep costs low yet still maintain great product quality? Simple economics and smart design — we manufacture products in large volumes with smart design to achieve economies of scale, and incorporate flat packaging to reduce shipping costs. IKEA aims to provide affordable, quality home furniture for the people — what is good design if it is not for the many? Be updated with the latest campaigns and offers for home accessories and home furniture. 

Your living room is the centre of activity at home, so make it a relaxing space with cosy home furniture, functional storage combination and glass-door display cabinets. Be it a small or spacious living room, you’ll find a variety of home furniture at IKEA to fit limited spaces or make a statement for unused corners! For small spaces, work with a wall storage system to free up much needed floor space, which could double as a unique wall decoration too. For a spacious living room, fill up empty unused corners with an armchair or a statement floor lamp to spruce up the spaces. It can be a cosy reading nook or a personal corner for naps …any hobbies that you or your family like! If you have pets, transform the space into a beautiful sanctuary for your feline or canine companion with a pet house or footstools that double as a sleeping nook for them. 

Today, dining rooms are more than for just meals — they can be a place for family games on weekends, and a study or working spot on weekdays. This is why having a sturdy and durable dining table is so important. Check out IKEA’s many dining tables that could fit up to 10 for dinner parties, or extendable tables and wall-mounted tables that can be folded up to save space. Pair the tables with dining chairs or benches, add some cushions and soft textiles to the chairs for a more comfortable seating. Having meals together with your loved ones can help foster stronger kinship, elevate your meals with IKEA’s dinnerware series — from elegant serving plates to wooden cutleries that exude a rustic charm, discover everything that IKEA has to offer for better mealtimes. 

With more time spent at home these days, transform your home into a comfortable space for work, play and rest. Wanting to increase productivity in your home office? Complete it with home furniture such as office deskslamps and desk organisers for a clutter-free workspace that helps you work more efficiently. Miss dining out? We have glasses, carafes and coffee makers that allow you to recreate the ambience of cafes and restaurants at home. In need of a calming spa session to unwind and relax? Upon entering a spa, you will be greeted with a lingering fragrance in the air that creates an atmosphere of calmness and comfort, and dim lights that help you enter a more serene state of mind. Decorate your bathroom with wall lamps, scented candles and artificial plants, don’t forget plush IKEA towels that keep you warm and snug after stepping out from the shower!

A home is more than just a place to sleep, eat and rest — it is a reflection of your personality and your inner feelings. Make your home a safe sanctuary for your loved ones, come explore IKEA’s wide range of accessories and home furniture both online and in-store today.