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Let's Assemble

Assembly instructions are available in each Product information page.

Before Assembling

Thank you for purchasing IKEA products.Please read carefully these precautions about the assembly before start assembling your IKEA product.When you finish assembling the product, please place it on a flat surface and make sure it is stable before use.Please also properly fix the anti-topple device, if included, in accordance with the assembly instructions. The product will keep longer by retightening the screws from time to time.


When you open the package with a sharp tool like a cutter knife, be careful not to damage the components inside.


Most of IKEA products require assembly.Please read the assembly instructions carefully before you start. If you have any questions on how to assemble, contact the IKEA store where you bought the product.


Keep this explanatory leaflet and the assembly instructions so that you can refer to them whenever needed.


Referring to the assembly instructions, make sure there is no shortage or defect of the included parts and/ or screws.If you find a shortage or defect of the parts included, please check the part's number and visit the Returns Counter at the IKEA store with the reciept and assembly instructions.Parts are stocked on the shelf beside the Returns Counter and you can pick up the parts you need. The part number is the 6 digits number next to the illustration of a part in the assembly instructions. If you can not find the parts you need on the shelf, please inform the staff at the Returns Counter: the part's number (6 digits) with the name of the product or product's article number (8 digits) so that he/she can bring you the parts.


Before assembling, prepare necessary tools as mentioned in the assembly instructions.Use the screwdriver corresponding to the shape and size of the screws if needed.


If an illustration on the assembly instructions shows two persons are working, it means that two or more persons are needed for assembly and/ or installation.Check the assemble instructions beforehand to confirm the necessary number of persons. Pay careful attention during transport or assembly as some products are very heavy.


Be sure to wear protective gear like work gloves and goggles to avoid injury during assembly.


Be sure to protect the floor, wall or surrounding furniture with carpet, blanket or shock-absorbing materials during assembly in order not to damage them.Assembly work should be done where there is enough space.


Assemble your IKEA product according to the steps mentioned in the assembly instructions. If you tighten every screw firmly at first, it may result in the distortion of the finished product.To avoid this, tighten screws lightly until the product is assembled to a certain extent and them fasten the all screws firmly.Be careful not to tighten screws too firmly, otherwise the screws or the parts might be damaged.