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Glassware & jugs

Whatever you’re drinking, we have the glassware and more to suit it. Our glasses, cups, and mugs give you a big choice of styles and patterns. And we have other essentials, like straws and ice cube makers, too. Our range will help you set the mood and make every occasion more personal and fun.

New drinking glasses with that timeless look

These affordable glasses are as much at home for parties as they are for everyday use. You can even use them for hot drinks. And obviously, they’re made of glass, an elegant, honest and renewable material. Glasses like they used to be.

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An OMBONAD tablecloth with VARDAGEN glasses in brown holding drinks with ice cubes and a GLADELIG plate in grey with a cup.
Two VARDAGEN glasses 31 cl in brown, one is full and has ice cubes and a slice of a lemon while the other is empty.
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Squeeze more fruit into your day

Grab a citrus squeezer, a jug, and your favourite glasses, and start creating refreshing water infusions that help you add hydration and creativity to your day.

A person holds a fresh fruit drink in a SÄLLSKAPLIG 27 cl glass and has squeezed a lemon using an UPPFYLLD lemon squeezer.
A person is holding on to a pineapple, two lemons, and a TILLBRINGARE jug filled with a fruit and herb drink.

Discover some of our glassware series

When you set the table, don’t forget the glassware. Glasses, jugs and carafes for all occasions.

IKEA 365+ glassware series – Glassware for your everyday table
SVALKA series – Design and shape for aroma and flavour
POKAL series – Classic, elegant design
STORSINT series – Styled glassware for enhanced enjoyment