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Dining chairs

Dining chairs don’t just have to look good, but should feel good, too. Ours are designed with the right proportions to be comfortable to sit in until dessert. Find a style that best suits you. And if you like to coordinate your furniture, we have matching dining sets, too.

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Dining chairs in plenty of different styles

Gather around the table with comfortable dining room chairs. Browse our wide selection of dining chairs for every style – from modern chairs to ones with a more traditional style.

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Two black LISABO dining chairs in front of a table that’s laid with plates, bowls, champagne coupes and table runners.
A NACKANÄS acacia table, two NACKANÄS acacia chairs and a bench with cushions against a white brick wall.
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Always room for more

Who’s at the door? There is plenty of food and always room for more people at your holiday table with foldable NISSE chairs and KYRRE stools.

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Silver streamers decorate a black NISSE folding chair set on a jute rug by a table. A fireplace is behind the chair.
In a bright room, a person in a denim boilersuit bends to lift a KYRRE stool from a stack of three of the same stools.
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