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Armchairs & Couches

New space of your taste in the new year

Redecorate your home with your creativity and greet a more joyous New Year. Discover IKEA's single-seater sofas with detachable fabric that will last longer, adding extra comfort to your back.

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A sleek new swivel armchair that revolves around one thing – your comfort

The timeless design, leather cover, and sheer seating comfort make it a natural centrepiece. Which is suitable, since the new HAVBERG swivel armchair is also the ideal connector between zones in a room, easily turning to shift focus. Add the matching footstool, and feel the pair embrace you from head to toe.

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A black-leather HAVBERG swivel armchair and footstool placed on a carpeted floor by tall windows in a softly sunlit room.
The back and upper corner of a black-leather HAVBERG swivel armchair, placed on a light floor, facing sunlit windows.
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Reboot your reading nook with this new wing chair

Softly rounded lines, detailing in light wood, matt textile sheen. A modern take on classic armchairs, the OSKARSHAMN wing chair is an irresistible bubble of me-time comfort just waiting for you to plop into it. A matching footstool completes the setting while keeping anything from crafts to clutter in check.

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A beige-grey OSKARSHAMN footstool, its top partly off revealing a HOLMVI throw inside, placed on TIPHEDE flatwoven rug.
Partly sunlit through French doors, a beige-grey OSKARSHAMN wing chair and footstool stand by a large plant on a TIPHEDE rug.
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