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Bring plants closer to the sun

Lots of plants but only a little space on the balcony? Let your hearty plants enjoy being outdoors and use a trolley to bring your bevy of indoor plants and cuttings closer to the sun. It’s a great way to add a little spring zing to your home.

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A NISSAFORS trolley with cuttings in vases and a STÄRKT decoration greenhouse stands in a room near open French windows.
Open French windows lead out to a small balcony with plants on a VITLÖK plant stand and in VITLÖK plant pots.
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Summer 2022 – your best barbecue season ever!

It might be chilly now but soon you’ll be enjoying warmer days and great food in the open air with the people you love. In the IKEA range, you’ll find BBQs and more to help you make the season sizzle without burning a hole in your budget.

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Food is being grilled on a GRILLSKÄR charcoal barbecue with an open hood and two shelves holding crockery and glasses.
A person’s hand drops small pieces of a herb on top of a corn on the cob on a plate in front of a bottle of water.
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