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Round, plush, square, or fluffy. We love rugs in equal parts for their ability to liven up a room, and well, just the fact that they make things so darn cosy. Not to mention they can help create a sense of definition in your space. Whichever one you choose, rugs are an essential part of any home.

A barefoot bliss

The soft-spun STOENSE rug is all about comfort. You can actually cover the whole floor in feet-deep fluff.

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A grey STOENSE low pile rug on a floor near a vase, with two off-white STOENSE rugs on top, one rolled up and one ruffled.
The end of a rolled up off-white STOENSE low pile rug on top of a medium grey STOENSE rug, showing the pile and finish.
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Small rugs for a summer refresh

Maybe you don’t fancy a big, thick rug in a warm summer. But if you want to freshen things up and enjoy softness, colour and comfort at feet level, why not go for a smaller rug?

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A RAKLEV flatwoven rug with a basket sitting on it lies on the floor at the foot of a white stain HEMNES bed.
A pair of brown shoes sit on a wooden floor beside a TAULOV flatwoven rug which is made of cotton and jute.
Two LOHALS flatwoven rugs lie on a floor. One rug has an upturned corner revealing the STOPP FILT rug underlay underneath it.
A white TOFTLUND rug lies on the floor underneath two open drawers of a HEMNES day-bed with 3 drawers/2 mattresses.
A RÅVAROR foldable birch plywood tray with some crockery on it sits on a dark blue RÅVAROR flatwoven rug.
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