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Despite its modern design, this new door creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

PLATSA system
PLATSA system

Small in size, big on space

You’ll be surprised how much you can store inside a KLEPPSTAD wardrobe. This option has sliding doors so you can use it in tight areas, too.

A white KLEPPSTAD wardrobe with both the doors open, showing white shirts on the hanging rails. A black chair is beside it.
    One side of a white KLEPPSTAD wardrobe with the siding door open, showing the sleeves of white shirts hanging inside.

      Solitaire wardrobes – a simple way to get organised

      Giving your clothes a tidy home where you can find them easily is a breeze with a solitaire wardrobe. You’ll find lots of styles and options – including sliding doors, hinged doors and open wardrobes – in the IKEA range.

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      A BRIMNES wardrobe with open doors and two BRIMNES chests of 3 drawers with a plant on it stand in a bedroom near a bed.
        An IDANÄS wardrobe with open doors stands next to an IDANÄS open wardrobe. Inside the wardrobes are clothes and boxes.
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