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Food & beverages

LÄTTLAGAT - As close to homemade as it gets

Simplify everyday life with well-made plant-based balls, creamy mashed potatoes and sauce. A carefully composed meal in taste and nutritional content, as close to homemade as it gets – ready in minutes.

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See all vegetarian & plantbased products

Yummy treats and chocolate with kinder ingredients

These tasty treats and delicious chocolate bars have natural flavours, natural colours and are gelatine-free. The chocolate uses UTZ certified cacao for sustainable farming standards and better conditions for workers.

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A packet of LÖRDAGSGODIS sour foam candy on the wooden slats of a table, pieces of candy are on the wooden slats.
Green plates holding BELÖNING milk chocolate bars with oats and caramel, one of the plates has a white coffee cup on it.
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Who said vegan meals need to be complicated?

Quick, tasty, and simple to cook, HUVUDROLL plant balls help you create delicious vegan dishes with minimum effort.

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A hand reaching for a tomato on a kitchen countertop with a glass container of HUVUDROLL plant balls and other ingredients.
A vegan tomato and squash stew topped with a few HUVUDROLL plant balls and plant-based yoghurt on an OMBONAD plate.
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Cinnamon buns make every day sweeter

The cinnamon bun is a Swedish classic, a wheat dough bun with a buttery cinnamon filling decorated with sugar. It’s even got its own international day. But you can enjoy them any day you like.

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A person holding a wooden tray of KAFFEREP cinnamon buns on plates in a festive display with a name written above and a box.
Several KAFFEREP cinnamon buns on a metal oven grill, on a white surface above a tea towel with checked design.
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