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Payment options

At IKEA, we think everyone deserves a well-designed, functional home – and that paying for it shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we have multiple payment options for in-store and online shopping, including financial services for when you need a little extra help, which you’ll find on this page.

Woman sitting in an armchair paying for something with her credit card on her mobile phone.

How to pay at IKEA

Whether you’re buying a new kitchen or just an IKEA hot dog, there are plenty of payment options. Which one is the best for you depends on where you’re shopping – and what you’re buying. ​

Paying at an IKEA store

You can pay by cash, major credit cards, e-money, code payments and IKEA gift/return cards in IKEA stores. We also offer an installment payment service for large purchases and corporate bill payment.
*Various gift certificates and gift vouchers cannot be used.

Paying at IKEA online store/ IKEA app

Major credit cards and IKEA gift/return cards are accepted in IKEA online store and IKEA app. Apple Pay is also available on Safari browser.

Phone&chat service

Phone & chat service offers different payment methods for individual and corporate customers.
Individual customers: credit card only
Corporate customers: credit card or invoice payment

Credit Cards

Accepted at: IKEA stores, IKEA Online store

*Apple Pay is also available on Safari browser.

Code payment

Accepted at: IKEA stores

Electronic money

Accepted at: IKEA stores
*PiTaPa is not accepted.

IKEA Gift card

Accepted at: IKEA stores, IKEA Online store

With an IKEA Gift Card/Return Card, you can use the charged amount to purchase your favourite products at IKEA shops and the online store. The maximum amount you can spend on an IKEA Gift Card/Return Card at the online store is JPY 49,999.

How to check the balance

Shopping credit

Accepted at: IKEA stores

Shopping credit is available for large purchases at IKEA stores and can be paid in instalments.
No extra charge for IKEA Family members for up to 24 instalments.

See shopping credit

IKEA for Business invoice payment

Accepted at: IKEA stores

This service allows customers to pay for IKEA purchases by invoice. Once you become a cardmember, you can pay by bank transfer according to the invoice you receive after purchase.

About invoice payment