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Food storage & organising

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    Reusable snack bags, renewable materials

    Easy to open and close with the strap, put your favourite snack in the bag and bring it with you to school, work or on a day out. Each bag has that rustic look and is unique, since it is made from natural cotton and hemp, simply wash and use over and over again.

    A closed HAJMAL snack bag in natural fabric, standing on a PERJOHAN bench beside an apple and a LÄTTUGGAD snack container.
    An open HAJMAL snack bag in natural fabric containing two fresh green apples in front of a bag on a white surface.

    New reusable bags for food storage and packed lunches

    These inexpensive food storage bags come in varied sizes, with a double seal to keep contents fresh for longer and no leaks. Perfect for fridge or freezer. Chop fresh fruit or salads to take with you for lunch. You can use the bags over and over again, so less waste. Saves food, saves time, saves the planet.

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    Three ISTAD resealable bags in various sizes holding diverse food items on a dark wooden surface, a folder and other items.
      An ISTAD resealable bag containing a piece of a watermelon with another piece of watermelon on a dark plate.
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