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Home electronics made chic

Light, sound, action. With the SYMFONISK speaker lamp you can have it all – and now it comes with a new rattan shade. Natural and musical, what’s not to love?

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A complete orchestra on 31x15 cm

These SYMFONISK speakers offer you great sound from a small source, while moonlighting as shelves.

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Two SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speakers, the white one is on the wall with books on it, the black one is on a black side table.
A white SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker attached to a wall with a small pile of books on top of it.
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The outdoors is more fun with music

With this ENEBY Bluetooth speaker and a rechargeable ENEBY battery pack, you and your friends or family can enjoy as much as 10 hours of your favourite sounds.

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A man and a child listen to music from an ENEBY Bluetooth speaker and lift weights inside a GUNNÖN gazebo in a park.
An ENEBY Bluetooth speaker and two oranges sit on a HUSARÖ outdoor side table on some RUNNEN floor decking in a park.
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Four LADDA rechargeable batteries, HR03 AAA with a battery capacity of 750 mAh, lie in a row on a yellow surface.

See how you can bring music wherever you go with a portable speaker and rechargeable batteries.

How to use the SYMFONISK WiFi speaker.

IKEA and Sonos

A collaboration combining the home furnishing knowledge IKEA is famous for with sound and technology expertise from Sonos. The result? High-quality, affordable products that make it easy to furnish with sound.

How to use the SYMFONISK WiFi speaker