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Cabinets & cupboards

Display cabinets for everyday beauty

Your everyday things can look great and express your personality just as much as the beautiful objects in your favourite collection. So why not show them off, too?

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A dark brown cabinet with glass doors showing tableware and glassware inside, with integrated lighting above.
A dark grey FABRIKÖR glass-door cabinet stands in a corner, storing and displaying beautiful shoes and accessories.
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Tested and developed for business, ideal for your home

Life brings home new demands all the time. So why not get professional quality storage with more features, electric locks and even greater warranties? They’ll show your home you mean business.

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A blue storage cabinet with the top compartment door open, white shelving with diverse items and the back of a sofa.
White mesh storage units side by side, with earphones and various clip-boards hanging on them, shelving behind.
A young girl wearing a cap with a scooter, by a white storage unit with one of the doors open, various items inside.
A storage unit with both open and closed storage, boxes and files on the open shelves, boxes on the wall shelves above.
A drawer from a storage unit with a smart lock, a hand holding the card to open it, books and a container on top.
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