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Laundry & cleaning

Useful items for indoor drying

Introducing products that make washing easier during the rainy season.

白いシャツとデニムスカート姿の人が、白いベッドリネンが入ったベージュのPURRPINGLA/プルピングラ ランドリーバッグを持っている。

      A rack that can store laundry items together

      Open storage steel racks are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use such as balconies or high humidity areas such as bathrooms.

          Need a bag? Make it waterproof!

          With convenient design this popular waterproof bag can be folded back and closed to become a handle.

            Make your laundry a little more fun!

            With 16 clothes pegs for unruly socks and other small items this clever hanging dryer will help keep clothes dry when you need to iron.