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Storage & organisation

Make space for what you love

It is very important to make a space to organise your favorite things .Do you prefer open storage to express your personality, or close storage that keep your room neat and clean? Find of ideas of Show it and Hide it to organize your space.

Show it

The beauty of open storage is that you know where things are at a glance and can easily take them out and put them away. You can also display them as if they were on display, so you can look at your favorite things every day.

    Hide it

    If you want to creates a simple and clean space, close storage is your choice. Small storage boxes also works well to hide tiny stuff around you.

      Make space for what you love

      Create a storage solution that’s right for you

      Are you searching through piles of laundry for clothes to wear today? Let the JONAXEL storage solution help you organize your wardrobe. This storage system can be customized from a variety of parts to suit your needs.

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      Let your walls do the work

      Short of floor space? Maximise every nook and corner with wall-mounted storage and open shelving. Just combine and customise to create organisation that’s as unique as your space.

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      On a wall behind a desk and a chair is a SVENSÅS memo board and NEREBY wall rails with hanging containers.
        A corner of a room with SANDSHULT wall brackets and rows of BERGSHULT wall shelving stacked, going up towards the ceiling.
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          Multiple pieces from the same series – for a coordinated home

          BESTÅ series – The unit offers enough storage for smaller spaces, and can adapt and grow as your needs change.
          VIHALS series – Functional asymmetry that lets you optimise storage for just about any shape and size
          HAUGA living room series – Versatile, traditional-style storage with a price that’s easy to love

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