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Other colours/finishes availableBILLSBRO Handle 120 mm

BILLSBRO Handle, stainless steel colour, 820 mmBILLSBRO Handle, stainless steel colour, 1880 mmBILLSBRO Handle, stainless steel colour, 40 mm

Other colours/finishes availableBAGGANÄS Handle 143 mm

BAGGANÄS Handle, stainless steel, 335 mmBAGGANÄS Handle, stainless steel, 143 mmBAGGANÄS Handle, brass-colour, 335 mm

Other colours/finishes availableNYDALA Handle 154 mm

NYDALA Handle, bronze-colour, 346 mmNYDALA Handle, bronze-colour, 154 mmNYDALA Handle, black, 346 mm

Other colours/finishes availableBAGGANÄS Knob 21 mm

BAGGANÄS Knob, stainless steel, 21 mmBAGGANÄS Knob, stainless steel, 20 mmBAGGANÄS Knob, brass-colour, 13 mm

Other colours/finishes availableHACKÅS Knob 15 mm

HACKÅS Knob, anthracite, 15 mm

Other colours/finishes availableHISHULT Knob 23 mm

HISHULT Knob, porcelain white, 30 mm

Other colours/finishes availableTYDA Handle 138 mm

TYDA Handle, stainless steel, 330 mm

Other colours/finishes availableNYDALA Knob 16 mm

NYDALA Knob, bronze-colour, 16 mm

Other colours/finishes availableHACKÅS Handle 300 mm

HACKÅS Handle, anthracite, 300 mmHACKÅS Handle, anthracite, 100 mmHACKÅS Handle, white, 100 mm

Other colours/finishes availableENERYDA Knob 20 mm

ENERYDA Knob, chrome-plated, 20 mmENERYDA Knob, chrome-plated, 35 mmENERYDA Knob, brass-colour, 35 mm

Other colours/finishes availableKALLRÖR Handle 405 mm

KALLRÖR Handle, stainless steel, 213 mmKALLRÖR Handle, stainless steel, 597 mm

Other colours/finishes availableÖSTERNÄS Leather handle 65 mm

ÖSTERNÄS Leather handle, tanned leather, 153 mm

Other colours/finishes availableBORGHAMN Handle 170 mm

BORGHAMN Handle, 426 mmBORGHAMN Handle, 40 mm

Other colours/finishes availableENERYDA Cup handle 89 mm

ENERYDA Cup handle, chrome-plated, 89 mmENERYDA Cup handle, brass-colour, 89 mm
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