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Kitchenware & tableware

Less waste, more taste!

By using IKEA 365+ containers and aroma-tight seals, you can save food and keep it fresh for days.

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Six IKEA 365+ square glass food containers with lid arranged in three stacks, holding various types of food including eggs.
One IKEA 365+ square glass food container with lid, with the lid off, holding cloves of garlic with empty containers behind it.
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Planning and Consulting

We offer interior planning services to meet customer needs.

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Delivery & Collect

We offer delivery services depending on products purchased.

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Car Sharing

Car sharing service can be used for carring large products.

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It's something you use every day, so choose a set that's worthwhile and fun.

From the refrigerator to the table, from every day to parties, a series that pursues simplicity and functional beauty that can be used regardless of location or situation

The design inspired by traditional Swedish handcraft makes it a versatile tool for the kitchen and dining table.