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Soap dispensers & soap dishes

Get A Headstart Every Morning

Getting ready in the mornings sure does gets easier with an organised bathroom. Clear up your washbasin space with our SKÅDIS pegboard combinations - it comes with accessories to hold your toothbrush holder, mirror, facewash, soap, and more - so you have everything you need, organised neatly and close at hand. Or check out the DRAGAN box made of bamboo - it comes in a set of three and is perfect to store all your grooming essentials. And to make most of your wall space check out the TISKEN series - just stick to the wall (thanks to the suction cups) and it will do its job!

Monday Mornings Just Got A Little Better

When everything is organised in your bathroom, you can face every Monday morning with a smile. The SKÅDIS pegboard helps you keep all your morning essentials close at hand - choose one of our ready-made combination for your bathroom or add accessories like toothbrush holders, hooks, and more to suit your space and needs. Or check our the KALKGRUND series for soap dispensers - it’s clear bottle lets you see how much soap is remaining so you can fill it up before it completely runs out. Or check out the EKOLN soap dish that you can also use to keep other small things like jewellery, and clips. Combine other products from the KALKGRUND or the EKOLN series in your bathroom for a seamless look. And to collect all your garbage we have the STRAPATS pedal bin - it has a stainless steel exterior and an inner bucket that can be removed - so it’s easy to empty and clean as well!

And while you’re at it, check out our shower accessories to keep your shampoo, conditioner, shower gels all close at hand during your relaxing shower!