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Cleaning accessories

A Clean Freak’s Fantasy Come True!

Put on some music, wear your apron and gloves and prepare for the battle against dirt and stains - our cleaning accessories are here to be your weapons. Get rid of the cobwebs with our SNAJDIG duster and sweep your floors clean with the BLASKA dustpans, we’re here to help your home look spick and span. Your cat shedding again? We’ll get your jeans hair-free in no time with our BÄSTIS lint roller. And if you’re looking for a way to get your kid to help out with the house chores, the colourful horse-shaped SNABBAKAT sponges might just do the trick. 

Chores Made Fun And Easy

Make your cleaning routine easier and a tad more fun with our cleaning accessories. Use our SNAJDIG duster to brush the cobwebs from your ceilings and wipe the dust from your cabinet doors. It’s easy to clean the duster as well - take out the fabric and stick it in the washing machine. Sweep your floor clean of any dirt or mess with the help of our BLASKA dustpans and brushes. They come in assorted colours to cheer you up as you’re finishing your errand. Want to motivate your kids to help with the chores? Try letting them clean the dishes with the vibrant, horse-shaped SNABBAKAT sponges that are sure to get them excited about cleaning. Oh and don’t forget to tell them to use the softer side for glassware and plates and the coarser one for stubborn stains. And if you own a pet, our cleaning accessories range has a handy lint roller, BÄSTIS, that makes sure your clothes aren’t covered in the hair during shedding season.

Time to do the laundry? You can count on our laundry basket and drying racks to help you out!