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Wine racks

For Those Wine And Cheese House Parties

Helping you wine and dine with your friends and family is our collection of stylish wine racks that not just store your fancy liquor but also complement your interiors with their attractive design. Our solid wood HUTTEN rack holds up to nine bottles and lets you impress your guests with your decor as much as your sophisticated taste in alcohol. So the next time you are throwing a house party bring out the cheese and crackers - you are already all set with the wine!

Impress Your Guests With Your Wine Collection

Your precious bottles of vintage deserve a fitting place to rest. Our HUTTEN wine racks give your grape wine a proper home while blending in with your stylish interiors. The 9-bottle rack is made of solid wood and apart from being a practical solution for storing your liquor, it can be used to create an attractive decor element. You can fix them upon a wall or perch them on a shelf or the floor, the choice is up to you.  As you grow your wine collection, you can add more HUTTEN wine racks to customise your existing one - just stack them one atop the other, you can go up to three units. Made from responsibly-sourced wood, our wine racks let you impress guests with your Chardonnays and Merlots.

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