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Coffee makers & accessories

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

Whether you like experimenting with your decoctions or prefer simple filter coffee, our range of coffee makers & accessories lets you enjoy a freshly-brewed beverage while saving you a trip to the cafe. Prepare your morning cuppa with our ANRIK coffee maker or take your love for java a step further and grind your own coffee beans with our METALLISK grinder -  our coffee makers keep your daily caffeine supply up and running. And if you want a coffeehouse-style frothy cappuccino or latte, our PRODUKT and MÅTTLIG ranges will help you cream up your drink!

A One-Stop Destination For Caffeine Lovers

We know how much you love sipping on tea or coffee throughout the day, that’s why our coffee makers & accessories strive to help you get that perfect brew. Our stainless steel ANRIK lets you prepare your espresso or herbal tea at home, and keeps it hot on the inside while being cool to touch on the outside. You can even serve straight from the container! And if you’re someone who likes to prepare their drink from scratch, our METALLISK range of coffee makers & accessories comes with a coffee grinder that gives you the joy of grounding the beans on your own - the ceramic grinding mechanism even controls the fineness. Obsessed with filter coffee? Make it at home with our HÖGMODIG clear glass drip coffee maker. The reusable steel filter comes with holes that are small enough to allow flavor-enhancing oils in the coffee to get through. You can even create the perfect cappuccino with our PRODUKT milk frother and MÅTTLIG frothing jug - an excellent way to save a few pennies otherwise spend at that cafe. 

Don’t forget to look at our colourful mugs & cups to enjoy your steaming hot cuppa in!