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Spice & condiment stands

Grind, Drizzle, Season, Pour - Get To Cooking With Our Spice & Condiment Stands

Whip up something yummy with ease -  our spices & condiment stands make cooking fun! Our INTRESSANT grinding mill helps you create your own masalas, while the ÖRTFYLLD containers let you store and drizzle anything from salad dressing, oil, or vinegar on to your food. The PLATS salt and pepper shakers are a classic way to let everyone in your family season their dinner according to their tastes. And the GRILLTIDER squeeze bottles will be a hit with your kids who want a side of ketchup or mustard on practically everything. 

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Spice Up Your Kitchenware!

Good kitchenware makes cooking more interesting and easier, like our collection of spice & condiment stands. Take our INTRESSANT grinding mill, for example, the acacia wood device reduces spices like pepper or cumin to a fine powder with the help of its ceramic grinding mechanism, so your curries and biryani come out tasting and smelling divine. Or the ÖRTFYLLD oil and vinegar containers that are perfect for drizzling your favourite dressing on your salad. While the GRILLTIDER squeeze bottles come handy to control the amount of ketchup or mustard that goes on your sandwiches, our stainless steel, PLATS salt, and pepper shakers keep in check the amount of seasoning in your food. And if you want to put on display your colourful herb collection, the IKEA 365+ IHÄRDIG range of spice & condiment stands, store your basil and thyme and let you carefully pour or sprinkle them in your dishes with its two separate openings. 

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