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Tea pots & accessories

From Masala Chai To Iced Cold Brews - A Haven For Tea Enthusiasts

No tea lover can resist our range of teapots & accessories. Whether you prefer tea bags, loose leaves, or desi-style chai, our collection, from the stainless steel ANRIK tea-maker to the VATTENTÄT kettle are here to make you the perfect cuppa for your teatime. And if you’re looking to invite friends or family over for tea, our elegant VARDAGEN range is here to set the table. Or you can choose the RIKLIG, the perfect teapot for cold brews and iced-teas, and there’s even the BLOMNING, a perfect little bin for storing your loose tea leaves.

Brew Yourself The Perfect Cup Of Tea - Anytime, Anyway!

Just as a cup of hot tea is essential to your me-time, our teapots & accessories are necessary to create the perfect cuppa. Like our ANRIK, the stainless steel tea-maker whose double walls keep your brew warm while keeping your fingers safe from the hot surface on the outside. Just press on the strainer and serve your drink, the easy-to-clean ANRIK makes tea-brewing an art. If you are someone who swears by masala chai, our stainless steel VATTENTÄT kettle, with its charming whistle function, will be your new best friend. Just stick it on the induction, gas, or glass-ceramic hob - it works on them all! Want to serve your guests in style? Then there’s our VARDAGEN range of teapots & accessories that make teatime elegant with their timeless designs. While the clear glass RIKLIG teapot lets you check on the colour and strength of your decoctions, our black BLOMNING tea bins are perfect for storing your Earl Grey or matcha.

Find the perfect cup to enjoy your tea with our collection of mugs & cups