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Wall shelves

Wall shelves racks to add to your room walls

Pots, plants, books, and more. You can use IKEA’s designer wall shelving units to spruce up your home in no time. 

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More optionsMOSSLANDA Picture ledge 55 cm (21 ¾ ")

MOSSLANDA Picture ledge, white stained pine effect, 55 cmMOSSLANDA Picture ledge, birch effect, 55 cmMOSSLANDA Picture ledge, walnut effect, 55 cm

More optionsSVENSHULT Wall shelf 60x20 cm (23 5/8x7 7/8 ")

SVENSHULT Wall shelf, gold-colour, 60x20 cm

More optionsLACK Wall shelf 30x26 cm (11 3/4x10 1/4 ")

LACK Wall shelf, white stained oak effect, 30x26 cmLACK Wall shelf, black-brown, 30x26 cm

More optionsLACK Wall shelf 110x26 cm (43 1/4x10 1/4 ")

LACK Wall shelf, white stained oak effect, 110x26 cmLACK Wall shelf, black-brown, 110x26 cm

More optionsEKET Cabinet 35x25x35 cm (13 3/4x9 7/8x13 3/4 ")

EKET Cabinet, light green, 35x25x35 cm

More optionsBERGSHULT / GRANHULT Wall shelf 80x30 cm (31 1/2x11 3/4 ")

BERGSHULT / GRANHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/nickel-plated, 80x30 cm

More optionsBERGSHULT Shelf 80x30 cm (31 1/2x11 3/4 ")

BERGSHULT Shelf, brown-black, 120x30 cmBERGSHULT Shelf, brown-black, 80x30 cmBERGSHULT Shelf, white, 120x30 cm

More optionsBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf 80x20 cm (31 1/2x7 7/8 ")

BERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/white, 120x20 cmBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf, brown-black/white, 80x20 cmBERGSHULT / PERSHULT Wall shelf, white/white, 120x20 cm

More optionsEKBY ALEX / RAMSHULT Wall shelf 119x29 cm (46 7/8x11 3/8 ")

EKBY ALEX / RAMSHULT Wall shelf, white/black, 119x29 cm
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Buy wall shelves online for your home

Make your storage space stand out with our collection of decorative shelves. They are multi-purpose and stylish so you can modernise your storage in no time. All you have to do is install them on your walls, and you’re done! Your wall accessories have a nice home for themselves.

If you’re looking to buy shelves online, you have come to the right place. When you buy floating shelves online in India, IKEA is the best place to do so. We have a wide collection of wall racks and shelves for you to choose from in terms of size, material, and more. Buying shelves online has become easier than ever with our collection. 

You can buy wall shelves online for your book collection, or DVD collection, or even to give a home to your picture frames. Browse our extensive collection before you make your choice to buy wall shelves online with IKEA.

Skip out on the display cabinets and style your home with our designer wall shelving options

Every house has different types of cupboard and cabinetry depending on the room and the functionality required by that room. If you are looking to store and display all those curios you want to show off in your living room, IKEA’s decorative shelves are a good buy to consider. 

Our online wall shelves are a great way to even display photograph frames, prizes or memorabilia. Our wall shelves can even be used in the kids’ bedroom to showcase all their prized items in their room. Our decorative wall shelves are long lasting and can be reused or moved to any other room later for reuse.

Our shelf collection can be used for any room to add to your storage space. You can choose one of our wooden shelves for walls in case your living room furniture has a wooden theme to it, or you can use our shelves for your bedroom to make your own library. It’s more accessible, more stylish, and creates a more modern look for your home. Our floating wall shelves can be used for anything you wish. We also have wall shelves racks that can be used to hang picture frames with smaller brackets. So you have the option to customise your storage with our multiple wall-mounted racks based on what you want and need for your home.

Spruce up your blank walls with our wooden shelves for walls

If you have a blank wall and are wondering what to do with it, you can style it with our wooden shelves for walls. They add a more homely and rustic look to your room, and you can use them to store whatever you need. Want to show off your music collection? Keep your DVDs on these shelves. Want to keep your potpourri and other accessories that you have no space for? These wall shelves give you a space for them. They work wonderfully in your living room, especially if you have wooden furniture and storage cabinets there, or they can be added to your kitchen to match your wooden kitchen countertop. Think creatively, and use our wooden shelves for your walls in creative ways that spark the imagination. 

A bookshelf wall and why you need one

If you’re an avid reader, we’re sure you have a collection of books that you’re extremely proud of. Why not give them a space where they can shine? You can create bookshelf walls for yourself in your bedroom or living room with the help of our wall-mounted racks. If you’re thinking of building a library and don’t want to add another cabinet to the mix, our on-the-wall-shelf option is the best-suited one for you. You can create patterns, arrange them according to whatever size and dimensions you need, choose the finish based on your liking, and there you have it. Your own, special, customised bookshelf wall, ready for viewing (and reading).

Add art, decor, and more with our wall-mounted racks

If you buy wall shelves online, you can use them as decorative shelves for your home as well. Do you have an art collection that you want to flaunt but don’t want to simply just hang around the house? Do you have other items of decor like sculptures, and knick-knacks you have collected over time but have found no place to keep them? Do you have a collection of limited edition items that you want to showcase but haven’t managed to find a space for them? A set of decorative shelves might solve all of these problems for you. 

Use our wall shelves rack in any room around your house

The best thing about our designer wall shelving options is that you can use them in any room of your house. If you want to add some storage space to your bathroom so that you can keep your makeup, skincare, or even shampoo and body wash in a clear, visible, space, you can use our shelves to do so.

If you want a nightstand without having to buy a side table for your bed, you can use the collection of shelves for the bedroom to do so. If you want to keep your spices visible in your kitchen for easy access, you can add a wall shelves rack for your spice and herb collection. If you want a wider shelving case for your kettle and coffee machine, you can install an on-the-wall shelf to meet your needs. You can also use our shelves to store your art supplies, keep your keys, and virtually anything that can be placed around the house.  

They are extremely diverse in terms of their use cases, so you can let your imagination run free when you buy our wall racks. They work better than investing in cabinets because they take up less space than the cabinets do and they are a lot more affordable as well.


What is the most important thing to keep in mind if you’re buying a wall shelves rack?

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re buying wall racks for yourself is the things you’re planning on putting on them. They need to be able to support the weight and size of the objects you place on them or else they will fall.

Can I put plants on my wall shelf?

Yes, you can put plants on your wall shelf if the container does not leak water. Otherwise, you risk damaging the quality of the shelf over time.

What are the different sizes of wall shelves available at IKEA?

Our wall shelves start from 0-19 cm in width and go up to 80+ cm, 1-9 cm in height and go up to 40+ cm, and 0-9 cm in depth and go up to 25+ cm. 

What are the different types of shelving units available at IKEA?

We have a collection of complete wall shelves, picture ledges, regular shelves,  brackets for shelves, and floating shelves at IKEA.

What are the different materials of shelves that I can buy at IKEA?

We have shelves made out of different materials for your needs. 

They are:

  • Wooden shelves for walls (including wooden boards)
  • Metal shelvesGlass shelves
  • Solid wood shelves
  • Plastic shelves
  • Bamboo shelves

Can I get a wall cabinet instead of a shelf for my wall?

Yes, at IKEA, we also have a collection of wall cabinets available for purchase, in case you don’t want to buy a decorative shelf for yourself.