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Shoe, coat & hat racks

Handy Storage That Deserves A Hats (And Coats, And Shoes) Off 

In a hurry during the mornings? Keep your jackets, footwear, and purses in one easy-to-reach place with our shoes, coats & hat racks. Use our STÄLL shoe compartment to keep your fancy stilettos and branded sneakers safe or place our PINNIG rack near your front door to sit down and tie your laces. There’s our MACKAPÄR coat rack that saves you space and stashes everything from the umbrella to your sandals in one unit. We’ve also got the elegant HEMNES hat rack that you can use alone or combine with other storage solutions like the shoe bench. 

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More optionsBAGGMUCK Shoe mat 71x35 cm (2 ' 4 "x1 ' 2 ")

BAGGMUCK Shoe mat, in/outdoor/grey-green, 71x35 cm

More optionsOMAR Shelving unit 92x36x94 cm (36 1/4x14x37 ")

OMAR Shelving unit, grey-green, 92x36x94 cm

More optionsBAGGMUCK Shoe mat 71x35 cm (2 ' 4 "x1 ' 2 ")

BAGGMUCK Shoe mat, in/outdoor/grey, 71x35 cm

More optionsOMAR Shelving unit 92x36x94 cm (36 1/4x14x37 ")

OMAR Shelving unit, galvanised, 92x36x94 cm
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Get ready to step out without missing a beat

 Don’t waste time searching for matching footwear or a warm jacket and simply grab them from our shoes, coat & hat racks. Have a passion for shoes? Get our STÄLL compartment to store them. With three compartments divided into two rows, our STÄLL can fit in at least 18 pairs. We make sure your heels and sneakers get proper ventilation too! Or place our PINNIG coat rack near your entrance. It gives you a place to keep everything you need for the outdoors - shoes, raincoat, umbrella, hat! We’ve designed it with a bench for you to sit and tie your shoelaces too. If you want to match your shoes, coat & hat racks to the rest of your storage, get our simple and classical HEMNES hat rack. Use it alone or pair it with a shoe bench. We make sure our shoe, coat & hat racks do not take much space - our MACKAPÄR gives you more storage in less floor room, and you can use the clothes rails with either hook to keep your hats or hangers to keep your coats.

Storing shoes with care

Keep your precious shoes in good shape with a shoe tree. A foot-like shoe tree supports your shoe from within. This prevents the shoe from sinking or folding into itself creating marks and creases. The spring mechanism of the OMSORG shoe tree helps it perfectly support shoes of different sizes. 

You might be tempted to store your shoes one above the other to save space. This will squish your shoes and make them lose their shape. Use a solution such as the MURVEL shoe organiser to separate each pair vertically to avoid flattening the shoe below. 

Handy shoe racks and coat hooks by the entrance

Shoe racks are best placed near the entrance of your home. The foyer or hallway is the most convenient location. A rack to hang coats, hats and scarves by the door makes for more organised entries and exits to/from your home. A shoe rack with a flat top can serve as the landing shelf for your keys and glasses. The TRONES shoe cabinet/storage is designed with a slightly depressed top to keep these small items secure.  

Selecting shoe racks to place in the living room

If your front door opens directly into the living room, choose concealed shoe storage that matches the rest of the living room decor. A small row of hooks on the wall behind an open door is also a neat and space-saving coat hanging solution. Place a tall hat and coat rack such as the SAMMANKOPPLA stand in a corner for coat storage that takes up very little floor space. 

Shoe storage in a smaller home

You can create dedicated shoe storage even if you live in a smaller home. Opt for designs that take up minimal room or that are wall mountable. The STÄLL shoe cabinet has a very narrow profile and doesn’t take up much floor space. It only has front legs so that it can sit flush against a wall even if there is wall skirting. 

Shoe storage combined with seating

It is always more convenient to put on shoes when seated. A multifunctional shoe storage rack combined with seating saves space and adds convenience. Use a BAGGMUCK shoe mat under an open shoe rack or bench to protect your floor from any dirt or gravel from your shoes. 

Complete shoe and coat storage

If you have the luxury of space in your entryway, a full sized coat rack and shoe stand is an elegant and practical solution. For a smaller hallway, the HEMNES series of hat racks and shoe racks are sized to be fitted above each other. You get the convenience of a tall shoe and coat rack while also saving space. 

Storage of shoe cleaning supplies and shoe horns

An overhead rack can be made more attractive by storing shoe maintenance essentials and other small items in decorative hat boxes. 

Shoe horns are kinder to shoes

Repeatedly forcing your feet into shoes with your fingers strains the shoe and unnecessarily wears out its back seam. Using a shoe horn eases your foot into a shoe easier than your hands would. Shoe horns that can be hung by the shoe rack are less likely to be misplaced.