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Racks & stands

Take A Stand Against Clutter

Keep the clutter down to a minimum with our collection of rack & stands that keep your clothes and accessories organised. The VENNESLA range comes with a mirror attached with hooks and rails where you can hang your next day’s outfit. Perfect for the entrance, the MACKAPÄR comes with a shoe storage unit and a clothing line for your guests to hang up your coats. If you’re looking for something more, you can check out the VEBERÖD, which functions as a room divider.

Say Goodbye To Laundry Piles And Messy Rooms

Retire the chair! You know, the one piled with clothes too worn for the wardrobe and too clean for the laundry? Get our VENNESLA or IKKORNES rack & stands and just spin them around to hide your shirts and dresses on the rail and turn it back around to use it as a regular mirror. Provided with assembly screws that double as hooks, you can use it to hang your daily-use purse and bags as well. If you’re looking to furnish your entrance, you can check out the MACKAPÄR series of rack & stands that come handy to stash away your coats and shoes when you’re in a hurry. The VEBERÖD is a blessing for a fluid space. You can place it in an open kitchen to function as a room divider and hang up your pans and ladles on the included hooks. 

Check out our shoe storage to keep your accessories in place with your outfits!