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Baby toys

Your favourite IKEA toys for children will be back soon.

Hej! “We are sorry that you can't find your favourite toys. We are missing them as much as you are. Even though IKEA toys comply with all national and international quality and compliance standards, Indian regulatory norms require companies selling toys in India to obtain a new local certification starting January 1st, 2021. We are doing everything it takes to complete the process and assure you that your favourite toys will be back soon. Stay tuned.”

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Let’s Mix A Little Learning Into Playtime For Your Little One.

Looking for the best baby toys online? You’ve come to the right place. We make baby toys that aren’t just fun, but great for your child’s development. Fitted with safe and removable parts, a KLAPPA baby gym stimulates hand-eye coordination. Next, move on to a MULA shape sorter - the plastic blocks and arrangeable house are for your child to organise on their own to help them develop their motor skills. You can check out something a little more advanced from our MULA series - a set of 24 building blocks, complete with a wagon. An innovative little thinker will have fun as they learn to differentiate between shapes and colours while they build. The wagon will teach them to order the blocks and put things back where they belong. Even bathtime can be full of laughter with a SMAKRYP bath toy set - your kids will happily play around with this 3-piece toy and develop their motor skills at the same time. Now that your baby is feeling entertained and happy, have a look at our other baby essentials like baby cribs, bathing sets and useful storage solutions.