Mugs & cups

Ice Cold Coffee To Steaming Hot Tea - We Know How You Can Serve Them

From your early morning espressos to herbal decoctions, our mugs and cups are here to improve your drinking experience! While our UNDERSÖKA travel mug keeps your coffee warm as you travel to work, our EFTERSTRÄVA, with its infusion strainer, lets you stay fit sipping on that green brew. You can serve your friends your special hot chocolate in our colourful TALRIKA cups or add a traditional touch to your table with our elegantly-detailed porcelain ENTUSIASM mugs - whatever’s your cup of tea (or coffee)!

For Coffee-Charged Mornings And Cosy Laid-Back Evenings

Enjoy sipping on your morning coffee or tea with our collection of mugs and cups. And if you’re on a time-crunch, UNDERSÖKA, our insulated travel mug is here to keep your drinks warm as you race to the office. It fits perfectly in a car cup holder, opens with a single click, and has an anti-slip surface that prevents any accidents. For those who like their beverages on the healthier side, our clear glass EFTERSTRÄVA comes with a stainless-steel infusion filter that lets you carry around your herbal brews. Its borosilicate glass is oven-proof too! Our pack of 4 red TALRIKA cups add a colourful touch to your serving table at home or at picnics and have the advantage of being made of recyclable plastic. In-laws coming over for tea? Impress them with the traditional craftsmanship of our porcelain ENTUSIASM range of mugs and cups.

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