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Ice Cold Coffee To Steaming Hot Tea - We Know How You Can Serve Them

From your early morning espressos to herbal decoctions, our mugs and cups are here to improve your drinking experience! While our UNDERSÖKA travel mug keeps your coffee warm as you travel to work, our EFTERSTRÄVA, with its infusion strainer, lets you stay fit sipping on that green brew. You can serve your friends your special hot chocolate in our colourful TALRIKA cups or add a traditional touch to your table with our elegantly-detailed porcelain ENTUSIASM mugs - whatever’s your cup of tea (or coffee)!

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Buy coffee mugs online and take a happy sip

If you want to start your morning with the perfect espresso in a big coffee cup that looks great and is designed to perfection, you can buy cups online. Give your old tea-set a colourful update, buy mugs online with detailed patterns that exude elegance or buy coffee mugs with saucer and lids. Get travel mugs that keep your drink warm when you travel to work.

The best way to start your day is with a hot cup of your favourite drink. From tea-lovers to coffee fans, everyone needs the perfect tea mugs and coffee cups for their morning fuel. Get the perfect tea set to entertain guests, travel to work with a travel mug or drink some healthy green tea in our special green tea mugs with infusion strainer.

Buy online cups and mugs at IKEA to curl up on your sofa with a mug of hot chocolate or share joyful tea-time with family. 

What to think of when buying cups and mugs?

With great options, comes greater confusion. The range of colours and varieties we offer when it comes to buying online cups and mugs may make it difficult to select the perfect one. But before investing your money, think about your preferences like style and design when you browse for online cups and mugs.

Uses and function

Every cup and mug fulfils a different purpose. If you want to entertain your guests for tea-time get porcelain mugs or display an ornate set of ceramic cups in your kitchen cabinets. Green tea mugs that come with strainers serve you the perfect brew while travel mugs keep your drink warm wherever you go. 

Colour and design

Whether you like mugs in solid colours or you want to serve in colourful cups with beautiful patterns, choose milk mugs with the style you prefer from floral prints or sandy glaze surface. Rounded, soft lines or square shaped, these cups are designed with an eye to detail and are quite durable.  


Make your tea time or coffee sessions more beautiful, match your cups and mugs with the perfect tea pot and kettle. Serve your tea in traditionally crafted ceramic cups and saucers. Our porcelain mugs with rustic design are perfect and complement vintage-inspired tableware.


At IKEA, buying cups and mugs for your favourite drink means affordable prices and great value. You can invest in a set of tea mugs with accessories, get an insulated travel mug or just get a coffee mug to energise your day at a reasonable cost.   


Your cups and mugs for tea, coffee or any beverage of your choice are available in a variety of materials. We have porcelain cups for those who prefer a more traditional tableware. We also have colourful ceramic mugs and cups made of clear glass for a stylish look. You can even opt for mugs made with insulated material to keep your drink warmer.

Types of cups and mugs

At IKEA, we have a range of coffee mugs that are suitable for all your favourite drinks and every occasion. Your search for online cups and mugs means finding the right fit of your choice of beverage and style. 

Big coffee cup

A large coffee mug is a must-have for all those who want their daily caffeine. They are also a great choice if you want to pour some hot chocolate or milk for the kids. You can opt to offer mugs with heat insulating lids to cover them properly and keep your coffee warmer for a long time.

Green tea mugs

Get your daily dose of healthy green brew with a perfect green tea mug that comes equipped with an infusion strainer. All you need to do is put your loose green tea leaves in the infuser and brew to the strength and taste you prefer.  

Porcelain mugs

Smooth, delicate and intricately-built, porcelain cups are a must-have for every tea-lover who wants a more traditional set of cups for tea time. These are also very long-lasting, given you maintain them carefully and less porous than ceramic. Match them with sources and teapots to create the full classic look.

Ceramic cups

If you use your cups for a variety of drinks, both hot and cold, choose ceramic cups as they do not hold on to any lingering smells or flavours. These are also a cheaper alternative to porcelain, are durable and look great too. You can opt for a cup with a glazed surface for a sleek and modern look.

Black coffee mug

If you are someone who loves having a strong black coffee or an espresso can opt for specially designed cups that are small and thick to keep your espresso warm and the cream thick. These are also called ‘demitasse’ cups and give the perfect look to your coffee-table setting.

Travel coffee mug

Are you always rushing to work and missing your morning cup of coffee? At IKEA, we have the best solution for you. Our insulated travel mugs are leak-proof, spill-free and have an anti-slip surface. They are designed to fit in most cup holders of cars, so you can take them while commuting.

Cups and mugs are everyday essentials and make your coffee breaks and tea-time fun. Our range of cups and mugs are made for everyone. Whether you want a green tea mug with infusion strainer or a coffee mug to travel with or the perfect sup to serve your house guests an espresso, you can find the right match for your needs.


What cups and mugs are best for daily use?

There are a wide-range of durable, stylish and well-designed cups and mugs that you can use daily. You can opt for cups that are dish-washer safe for more convenience. 

What kind of tea cups are best for guests?

You can opt for porcelain tea cups that are crafted traditionally with intricate designs or go for modern sleek tableware with clear glass mugs or choose colourful ceramic cups for a stylish look.

What are espresso cups?

Espresso cups are generally very small and have thick edges to keep it warm and the cream thicker. You can opt for specifically designed espresso cups that come with matching saucers to hold your cookies.

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain cups?

Porcelain is just a smoother and finer form of ceramic, while ceramic is generally a bot rough. Ceramic and porcelain cups are both microwave-friendly and have glazed surfaces. You can opt for any according to your preference.

Which cups are good for green tea?

For green tea, opt for cups that come with infusion strainer for you to easily brew your green tea without any hassle, according to your preferred strength and taste. These strainers can be made of stainless steel and help you prevent any staining.

What kind of coffee mug is good for travelling?

When you are travelling, choose an anti-slip surface mug that you can hold easily. A travel coffee mug should have heating insulation to keep your beverage warm or cold and fit the cup holders of cars. It should also be completely leak-proof to prevent spilling.

How to keep coffee warmer in the cup?

Pair your coffee mug with an insulated coffee mug lid that looks great and keeps your coffee warm till you finish it. 


And to make the perfect cuppa check out our teapots and accessories.