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Frying pans & woks

The Right Pan For The Right Dish

Go to town with the stir-fries with our excellent frying pans and woks. They are beautifully designed for the job and feel just right in your hands. The extra-thick base and even heat distribution of the sides of the SENSUELL frying pan are a cook’s delight. The SKÄNKA pan is designed to have you turning out perfect dosas and pancakes every single time. And the BRUNSOPP flat pan is just the thing for a soft, well-puffed phulka.

Carbon steel – the chef’s choice

The VARDAGEN frying pan, made from carbon steel, is the perfect option for the more skilled home chef. The carbon steel spreads heat evenly and is perfect for lovingly cooked dishes in the oven or on any type of hob. Tasty just like old times – and durable year after year.

A rustic wooden table, a VARDAGEN carbon steel frying pan with rösti and herbs, a lemon wedge, a fork and a knife.
    Four VARDAGEN frying pans in different sizes, hanging from a nail on a rustic wooden wall.

      Each Pan For Its Own Dish

      Pans that feel just right in your hands make cooking such a pleasure. The SENSUELL frying pan has a wonderfully thick base that lets you evenly brown your onions to perfection. Its handle follows the contours of your hand and the silicone underside gives an excellent grip. The SKÄNKA frying pans & woks with glass lids let you keep an eye on your food without opening the lid to peek. The all-metal TROVÄRDIG and OUMBÄRLIG pans can be easily popped into the oven to finish cooking. And the GRILLA grill pan gives your food authentic grill lines and what’s more, its handle folds over for easy storage. The SENIOR frying pan lets you enjoy the experience of cooking in a cast iron pan. And since it’s made of matt enamelled interior it doesn’t need any oiling and thanks to the shiny enamelled outside - it makes cleaning super easy. And while you’re at it, check out our silicone HÄNGSYREN pot holder that can also serve as a stand for hot frying pans & woks.