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Induction hobs – for precise, safe and energy efficient cooking

Our induction hobs are designed to be practical and efficient at the same time. And they look great too! Induction hobs heat up your pots and pans in a super-efficient way. As they only heat your cookware, they use less electricity and are safer for you and your family.

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A white-tiled kitchen, a thick wooden countertop with an induction hob. A big pan cooking vegetables on it.
An induction hob on a wooden worktop frying vegetables in a black cast-iron pan.
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Person dropping chopped potatoes from a chopping board into a chrome casserole on TILLREDA portable induction hob.

An induction hob is up to 50% more energy efficient compared to a ceramic or a radiant hob.

Because No Two Cooks Are Alike

A cooktop is where the magic of cooking happens. Whether it is a stir fry in a hot pan or a pot that requires a slow controlled simmer, our hobs give you precise control over the temperature. The TREVLIG induction hob is not only a beauty to behold, but is also an absolute joy to use. It has a beautiful glass surface that is easy to clean. And its child lock feature gives you peace of mind when you have tiny tots around. The LIVSLÅGA gas cooktop has four burners with a special burner for woks that offers a rapid high heat. The burners ignite at the turn of a knob and the sturdy cast iron supports keep your pans well balanced. The ELDIG and FOLKLIG gas hobs have easy-to-clean glass surfaces and easy access to control the knobs. Pair your hobs with an extractor hood from our collections for the ultimate cooking experience.

Cooktops Are The Heart Of Every Kitchen

Cooktops are at the centre of all the action in a kitchen. Every cook has their prefered type of hob that they swear by. Gas or induction, we have the most efficient well-designed hobs that will delight you. The TREVLIG induction cooktop is so elegant and beautiful that it will draw gazes of admiration even when you are not cooking. If you prefer a gas cooktop, the LIVSLÅGA hobs give you a choice of burners so you have complete control over the temperature of cooking.