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Wardrobe shelving

Good news: you have more space for storage than you think! With nifty wardrobe shelvinge most of those tricky little nooks and reach-in closets. These wall-hanging wardrobe shelving units, with smart features like extendable clothes rails, are just perfect for small spaces and help you organize your clothing and accessories in a more accessible way.

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Are you tired of searching through your wardrobe for your favourite pair of shoes or your cosiest sweater? No wonder. It’s never fun to have a wardrobe or walk-in closet in complete disarray. Clothes stuffed in, shoes piled on top, and why not a box of Christmas decorations in the middle of the mess?

So, trust us when we say that a neatly organized wardrobe would make your life easier and more efficient. That is especially true in the morning hassle of getting ready for the day. That’s why clever wardrobe shelving is a storage necessity. Or at least a convenient solution to a common problem.

With our large selection of shelving and storage options, the wardrobe you deserve is only a few clicks away.

Create your own wardrobe shelving units

Many of our shelving units for wardrobes are suggested combinations. You get shelves, baskets and clothes rails in different fixed widths and heights. This gives you a good starting point when planning your own wardrobe. But, if none of our ready-made combinations fit your ideal setup, you can create your own combinations. That way, you can adapt the shelving specifically to your space. 

Combine sections from the same series to create a frame for your wardrobe. Then you can attach shelves, baskets, and clothes rails to fit your needs. For instance, the BOAXEL wall-mounted storage system needs. The interiors are effortlessly clicked onto, or removed from, the brackets. This makes it possible to quickly customize, change or move your solution whenever you want or need to.

If you can’t find the sections you want for the inside of your wardrobe, you can always add some additional free-floating shelves and build your own shelving. And why not combine it with clever storage boxes for a very neat and organized look?

Useful tips to consider when installing shelving units in wardrobes

Remember that some shelving units for wardrobes need to be fixed to the wall. And when you do so, be aware that different wall materials can support different loads of weight. And different wall materials also require different types of fixing devices.

Since the fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home vary, they are sold separately at IKEA. If you are uncertain about what type of fixing devices to use, please contact your local hardware store.

Also note that some of our shelving solutions are suitable for humid bathroom areas, such as the series JONAXEL re not – such as the series BOAXEL.