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Extractor fans & filters

The smell of cooking is something you don’t want floating around your home. A cooker hood removes it and gives you extra light over your cooking surface, too. Most of ours can be connected to your ducting system to vent to the outside or used with a charcoal filter that recirculates the air.

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Fry, steam, broil and sauté away! Enjoy the freedom of getting creative in your kitchen with an effective and well-integrated cooker hood. This essential kitchen feature ensures that your cooking environment remains ventilated, while leaving your kitchen smelling fresh after your master chef session.

In our selection of cooker hoods, you'll find many different styles and designs. Read on to get some quick tips on how to choose the right cooker hood for your kitchen.

Which cooker hood should I choose?

Cooker hoods come in wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and built-in varieties. Which one to choose depends on the layout of your kitchen and which style you prefer. 

Wall mounted cooker hoods

A wall mounted cooker hood is perfect if you have your stove placed somewhere along the kitchen wall.

Aside from ventilating, the extractor hood will also be an important part of your kitchen interior. A model with curved glass creates a light and airy impression. A model with clean and straight lines goes perfect for a modern and minimalistic kitchen. A model with a more soft and round design will be perfect if you have a more traditional taste.

Built-in cooker hoods

With a built-in cooker hood, you'll get a neat and tidy kitchen environment. The cooker hood will be placed behind cupboard or cabinet kitchen doors as an integrated part of your kitchen environment. Choose cabinet doors that match the rest of your kitchen and create a seamless, uniform look.

Extractor hoods for kitchen islands

Are you planning to create a kitchen island? With a kitchen island you'll get a new dynamic in the kitchen by placing the cooking activities more in the centre of the room. For this kind of layout, we recommend one of our ceiling-mounted cooker hoods. Another option is FÖRDELAKTIG - an induction hob with a integrated extractor fan.

If you're looking to complement your new extractor hood with an induction hob, you'll find our selection of induction hobs here.

What extraction rate do I need?

If your cooker hood doesn't have a high enough extraction rate for the size of your kitchen, it will take much longer to clear the cooking smell. We therefore recommend you choose a cooker hood with an extraction rate that will filter the air in your kitchen around 10 times per hour.

How much air the cooker hood processes per hour is defined with m³/h. To get an indication, start by working out the volume of your kitchen (length x width x height). Then divide the extraction rate with the volume of your kitchen. The result will show how many times per hour the cooker hood will be able to filter the air in your kitchen.