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Decorative LED lights bulbs

Don't hide your light. No longer do you have to finish off your lamp with a shade. The naked bulb has been growing in popularity and we aren't talking about a boring standard bulb. Get creative and customise your light fitting with a decorative LED light bulb that is both beautiful and energy efficent. Decorative light bulbs like the Edison bulb with its visible filiments or larger globe shaped bulbs make a statement while still emitting a warm glow.

Make your light bulb part of the design of your lamp. Get creative with your lighting by adding a decorative LED light bulb to create the perfect shade-less lamp. 

Old is new again

Move over standard light bulbs, an old classic has returned to create ambience in any room. Exposed filament bulbs are making a comeback with vintage style and a warm glow back. Also known as an Edison bulbs, they are identifyable by the visible filament at the centre of the glass bulb. These types of light bulbs come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The light provided by these bulbs is understated and warm, which makes them ideal for creating a welcoming and cosy ambience. Perfect for when you want to set a relaxing mood in your dining room, bedroom or living room.

Energy Saving

A retro aesthetic doesn’t mean we forget modern technology completely. An original carbon filament bulb generated more heat than light, so our version of this decorative bulb are energy efficient LED bulbs.

LED filiment light bulbs also give off less heat, making them a safer option to use in your home, and have a longer life span than their vintage counterparts.

Filament types

Whether you have it on full display or partially cover it with a shade, these bulbs aren’t just about the warm glow they give off. The filaments within the bulb are arranged in different patterns to add extra visual interest.

Visible filaments comes in a variety of styles, including:

  • Spiral, is a coiled spiral filament.
  • Hairpin, are shaped like a hair pin (also known as a bobby pin).
  • Squirrel cage, is threaded up and down until it resembles a cage.

Bulb shapes and styles

Most LED filament bulbs feature vintage-inspired bulb shapes designed to recreate the hand-blown glass appearance of Edison’s original bulbs. These shapes range from mini tubular to pear to larger globe bulbs. More modern shaped glass bulbs are also available with these exposed filaments. Some have textured or tinted glass, to give an even more interesting look to your light fitting. Finally, there are other decorative LED light bulbs, include candelabra bulbs that complement chandeliers and wall sconces.