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Children's cushions & blankets

Add some extra colour and cosiness with our range of children's cushions and blankets. Our children's bedroom linen can help make bedtime or nap time an adventure with fun animal patterns and comfortable too, with soft cotton and easy-care fleece materials that will keep their shape after a wash.

Every children’s room needs cushions and blankets. How else will the bed get soft and comfy? And every child needs a blanket to quickly turn into a superhero cloak.

Besides, who doesn’t want the cutest little cloud cushion as the crown jewel on their bed? We have a variety of cushions and blankets to spark the imagination of adults and children alike. Take a look at our many fun designs to make sure you can get the perfect thing for your children’s room.

Imagination and fantasy with kids’ cushions

Sure, sleep is important for children. And it’ll probably come easier if they have comfy cushions and snuggling blankets when it’s time to go to bed. But a true upside with kids' cushions is that they can be used to bring much more joy than that.

There’s no greater weapon in a fight with siblings, that’s for sure. And both cushions and blankets are without a doubt the best building blocks for any wonderland pillow fort or shady thieves’ den. Perfect for wholesome sleepovers, or tactical war planning on how to steal those freshly baked cookies.

There is no trouble if you get the messy chocolaty hands on the cushions are easy to keep clean as they are machine washable and less worry for mum too.

Children's cushions as decoration

The cushions and blankets you choose will add a lot to the design of your kid’s room. Pick out items in vivid colours and highly detailed designs for a playful and energetic feel. Or decorate with neutral colours that match the room’s overall interior to get a calm and coherent look.

Whether it’s for single beds or for bunk beds, big rooms or small, cushions and blankets help elevate the cosy feeling. Make their special place soft, cosy, and relaxed, so they can dream big both day and night.