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Drawer units

Fed up searching for your papers and pens? A drawer unit gives them a home. Our office drawers come in lots of styles and sizes to suit wherever you want to work. We even have lockable units to stop anyone from “borrowing” your stapler and the GALANT series that’s approved for professional use.

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Refresh with colour, reduce the mess

Regardless if it’s to create contrast or match an existing theme, colour has a way of refreshing your home. One that’s up for the job is the new, blue HELMER drawer unit. Complete with the same organising, space-saving, easy-rolling, everyday-helper qualities as always.

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A pink space with haphazardly placed blue HELMER drawer units. From a cracked drawer sticks a piece of crumply pink paper.
Blue HELMER drawer units scattered in a space with pink walls and floor. Crumpled-up pink papers lie here and there.
See all drawer units for home