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Clothes organisers

Easy ways to boost your clothes storage

With ideas like these for your clothes and shoes, you can get more out of your wardrobe or clothes rack, make the most of your shelves and turn the empty space under your bed into storage.

A STUK storage with 7 compartments, holding clothes, headphones, bags and bed linen, hangs from a white MULIG clothes rack.
Four white SKUBB shoe boxes containing shoes are on a shelf which is under another shelf holding two boxes.
Some clothes and a white/grey STUK storage with 7 compartments hang from a rail in a white BOAXEL wardrobe combination.
A dark grey SKUBB storage case containing rolled-up clothing lies on a bed beside another dark grey SKUBB storage case.
A white/grey STUK storage case containing folded shirts has been partly pulled out from the storage unit it is kept in.