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Ace your wall decor with new framed prints

If you love the effect of a gallery wall but don’t know how to achieve the look, this set of framed prints with an easy-to-use template can give you what you’re looking for. The prints have a common theme so a coherent look is easily acheived, and all frames are ready-to-hang. Boom, artwork done like a pro.

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On an electric blue painted wall, FISKBO black and white prints in different sizes and motifs make up a gallery wall.
A close-up of two FISKBO black and white framed prints on an electric blue painted wall. On one of the prints is a zebra.
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Playful vase or fun watering can?

Get creative with your décor by choosing pieces that are fun to use. Designed by Bruno Adrien Aguirre, this vase and watering can combined, is inspired by the cactus plant. Made with a playful and bold expression it brings an instant smile to your lips and becomes a talking point when you have guests over.

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An above view of the bright green ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering can on a white surface, to show a handle and a pouring spout.
A green ÄRTBUSKE watering can and vase in the shape of a cactus is standing alone aganist a completely white backdrop.
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Add life to your dining space

A simple way to add ambience to your dining table is to play with glass to create visual interest. As it has a reflective surface, glass is a really playful material to use. A glass candle holder can give an almost magical feel as light bounces around the room, and a glass vase adds instant life to a space.

FINSMAK candle holders with lit candles are dotted around a dark wood EKEDALEN dining set. A glass vase is in the background.
Light shines on a PÅDRAG glass vase with green foiliage that sits on a dark wood EKEDALEN dining table.

Make your home a place for art

Get the feeling of being in a beautiful atelier by surrounding yourself with works of art. Designed by Ilse Crawford, these glass vases are hand blown with leftover glass so each vase is completely unique. The stunning, clean shapes and tactile surfaces provide a delightful focal point for any room.

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By a window, a mottled KONSTFULL glass vase with green foliage sits on a counter top with a sage green wall behind.
A patterned KONSTFULL glass vase with foliage its on a countertop. Next to it are two green KONSTFULL glass vases.
A green frosted glass KONSTFULL vase contaiing dried foliage sits on a shelf in a dimly lit room. Shadows dance around.
In a dimly lit room, a mottled green KONSTFULL vase is on a cabinet.  Shadows bounce across the wall with artwork overhead.
Video: A close-up from of the side of a KONSTFULL vase half filled with water. The base of the vase has several circular ridges.
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Home is where the heart is. And what makes the heart of your home, is you. We think you should make it show. 

Home accessories and decorations give you a chance to create a truly personal home. So, no matter if you’re quirky, relaxed, sophisticated, cool, minimalistic, maximalistic, awkward or sociable or anything in between, adding that personal touch will make your home pop.

Home accessories tips and tricks

The secret to succeeding with your home interior is to choose a theme and build from that. A simple first step is to choose one base colour as a foundation, and then adding two to three contrasting colours and materials. It’ll narrow down your options, making it easier to know what to look for. Use mood boards as a way to gather inspiration and see how your chosen theme and colour scheme work together.

When you’ve got your theme and colours, it’s time to start decorating! This is the fun part, but it’s easy to get ahead of oneself and just put things up all over the place. To make sure that home accessories make a well thought out impression, interior designers often use a simple trick that’ll turn your room from cluttered to clean: still lifes.

From chaos to order with still lifes

Place your objects in groups of three or five (trust us, the uneven number makes all the difference), and make sure you work with different heights. For example: put three pots and plants in different sizes next to each other in your window. Or place two grey books in different sizes on top of each other, and then finish the still life off with a dark scented candle. Or try putting a bigger painting on top of a sideboard, then a smaller painting slightly in front of the first one, and finally a nice home fragrance somewhere in the middle. Those are just some examples, so make sure to play around with your accessories to find out what works best in your home.

Curate your own gallery wall

Another easy way to really nail your decoration is to create a gallery wall. By using different pictures, paintings and posters you can create something that is unique. To make sure you get a calm and unified impression, try using frames in the same colour, or pictures that follow a certain colour scheme. And if you’re uncertain about which frames to put where, here’s a trick that’ll save your wall from unnecessary holes. Cut out paper squares in the same sizes as your frames and place them together on the floor. Stand on a chair to get a better perspective of what works best. Move the squares around until you get a result that sparks joy.

But remember, decorations and home accessories should be fun. So interior tips and tricks aside, rules are made to be broken. Do as you please and dare to go bananas!