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Decorative lighting

A little more magic for your evenings outdoors

With a lighting chain or some lamps like these, you can boost the party mood or just add an extra cosy touch to your outdoor space. They’re easy to place where you want them – as they’re battery powered, you don’t need to plug them into an electrical socket.

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People hold glasses over a long table with plates of food, flowers and SOMMARLÅNKE LED table lamps on it at a party.
A SOMMARLÅNKE LED lighting chain with 12 bulbs and some SOMMARLÅNKE LED pendant lamps hang from a bush above a sofa.
Two children and a lit SOMMARLÅNKE LED table lamp are underneath a table with a blue NISSÖGA tablecloth.
Some people are in an outdoor café with TÄRNÖ tables and chairs in the evening with LED lighting chains hanging above them.
A lit SOMMARLÅNKE LED floor lamp, with plants around it, stands at the edge of an outdoor swimming pool in the evening.
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New lighting with a rechargeable cosy glow

Creating a cosy mood is easier and safer with these little decorative lamps. They give you a nice, flickering glow but they’re powered by batteries that recharge when you put the lamps on the tray. No smoky wicks or messy drips and you don’t have to remember to keep buying candles.

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A lamp from a 4-piece PRAKTSPIREA LED decoration lighting set stands on some books near two similar lamps on a windowsill.
Three lamps from the 4-piece PRAKTSPIREA LED decoration lighting set. Two are on a charging tray and one is on some books.
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