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We’re here to help you choose the right mattress

Comfort and quality go hand-in-hand in all our spring mattresses – whatever the level of firmness. While most people will be fine with a medium comfort mattress, if you prefer something firmer or softer we have mattresses for you too!

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A VALEVÅG mattress on a GLADSTAD upholstered bed frame in a grey bedroom with a cream armchair behind it near a window.
A person lies asleep on a VATNESTRÖM pocket sprung mattress with dishevelled bed linen showing the side of the mattress.
A white bed frame with a VESTERÖY mattress on it that has a pillow at the bed head. A KYRRE birch stool is beside it.
A light blue VÅGSTRANDA pocket sprung mattress on a white MALM bed frame in a sunny room with lots of plants.
Video: A person’s hand pressing down on the top of an uncovered VALÅG mattress, showing how springy it is.
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Sleep comfort that’s in it for the long haul

Sprung mattress are super-reliable when it comes to delivering consistent firmness and support – as well as being responsive to movement. This means that when you find your perfect match it all adds up to long-term sleep comfort. Help it stick around even longer by finishing off with a mattress protector.

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A VILDKORN low stomach sleeper pillow on an unmade bed by two other pillows with a white SOTNÄTFJÄRIL pillow protector on it.
A person’s hands – one holds a corner of an ÄNGSKORN mattress protector; the other holds its elastic strap above a mattress.
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